Bitcoin Coin
The nine newborn Bitcoin ETFs in the United States have managed to accumulate more than 300,000 BTC in assets under management in less than two months of operation . This astonishing achievement not only redefines the cryptocurrency investment landscape but also positions these funds as key players in the global financial market.
Jeff Bezos 1
Jeff Bezos, founder and executive president of Amazon, has launched an intense cycle of sales of shares of his own company, exceeding 14 million shares sold with an approximate value of 2.4 billion dollars. This move brings the total shares sold since the beginning of the month to 50 million, marking a significant milestone in the tech mogul's financial transactions.
Justin Sun 1
In a recent revelation, a suspicious wallet, possibly linked to Tron founder Justin Sun, has carried out a series of ETH transactions that have caught the attention of the crypto market. According to reports from Lookonchain, the wallet in question has acquired a total of 168,369 ETH, valued at approximately $487 million, in just two weeks. These operations have left the crypto community wondering about Sun's connection to these financial movements.