What is Threads and how does it work?

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Barcelona, Spain - 05 July 2023: In this photo illustration the app Threads from Meta is seen on the display of a mobile phone in the hand of a person. Threads is the latest app launched by Meta, which will be available from the 6th of July 2023 and will be a direct rival of social network Twitter, which has been facing a number of issues after the controversial takeover from enterpreneur Elon Musk. (Photo by Davide Bonaldo/Sipa USA)(Sipa via AP Images)

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Threads is the boom for being the new social network created by the Meta team, those responsible for creating platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Although many do not know how to use it, the vast majority have decided to give this new platform a try.

If you are interested in learning more about the subject, stay. Well, we will talk briefly about what Threads is, how it works and everything it has for you.

What is Threads?

Threads is a social network that resembles the format of platforms like Twitter. In fact, many users have claimed that it has the ability to become an alternative to the popular bird social network.

This is based on a microblogging style. This means that it is designed to have a kind of mini blog, where the purpose is to publish short writings.

The Threads team was quite clever and used the database of their Instagram users for greater reach. In this way, he was in charge of linking both platforms so that Instagram users could open their accounts in Threads almost automatically.

It is a standalone app that seems to share the best features of platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Its launch was recent, on July 6, 2023, and in just 7 hours it managed to recruit more than 10 million users.

On the other hand, Threads represents a pretty formidable rival to apps like Twitter. Especially now that the bird platform has created some confusion among its users due to recent changes in some functions. As well as time limits that have caused displeasure among its audience.

In short, Threads is a new social network that focuses on creating public conversations in real-time. In addition to this, it has other functions that are quite interesting. If you’re interested in trying it out, stick around and learn how it works.

How to download Threads?

If you want to join the Threads community and not miss out on this possible trend, you need to have an Instagram account. Here we provide you with the steps to download the application, whether you have a device that uses the Android or Apple operating system.

  1. From the application store (App Store or Google Play Store), search for “Threads, an Instagram app” and proceed to download it.
  2. Once the app is installed on your device, open it. (It’s important that you already have an active Instagram account at this point.)
  3. Upon accessing the application, you will see a box at the bottom with the option “Login with Instagram”, your username and the iconic logo of the application. Click on this option.
  4. A window will open for you to create your profile. The system will automatically keep your username, and you will only have to write a brief description and, if you wish, add a link to another social network or website. You also have the alternative of importing the original information from your Instagram profile.
  5. The next step involves expanding your network, where you’ll be able to follow those on your contacts and friends list (or just skip this step if you prefer).

How does Threads work?

Threads doesn’t differ much from other microblogging-based platforms, so it works pretty much the same way. Its main function is to create publications with texts. Images or videos can also be added to these publications.

These posts have a character limit, which is 500. In addition, it is possible to reply to other users’ posts and share them. On the other hand, its link to Instagram allows you to share posts directly from Threads to your stories.

At the moment, Threads is in something of a test. So it basically works through a single news feed where posts are displayed randomly. Mixing publications that could be of interest according to the algorithm, with publications from users that you follow.

However, the meta team is already working on creating another home section. Where specifically the publications of the users that you already follow are shown.

Its interface also has the classic notifications section, where you can see the mentions and interactions of other users with your account. A search section where you can search for specific users. Account settings options, such as choosing to make your profile private. Among other things.

At first glance, Threads many aspects in which you must improve if your plan is serious about replacing Twitter. Among them are:

  • Be accessible from any browser, not just by downloading an app
  • Add a hashtag system
  • Integrate private messaging
  • Create options as drafts

What is the goal of Threads in the future?

The creation of Threads and their link to Instagram has an objective. It is based on the vision that, in the future, social networks are part of a whole. In other words, social networks are no longer centralized and everyone can interact with everyone, without the need to create a specific user for each application. That is the Fediverso theory and something that the Meta team seems to want to fulfill.

Therefore, in the future, Threads not only seeks to make a difference and propose a microblogging with more advanced and interesting features. Rather, in the future, it intends to be one of the causes of making Fediverso the main way of interacting on the networks.

Being the networks protected by a network of servers in which the data of the users is registered in a unique way. And allow the content generated by any social network to be read and responded to by any user of another social network.

In addition to this, Threads aims to provide users with a social network with strong community policies. Let them give way to a community free of controversy and friendly users among themselves. However, we know that other platforms like Facebook have always been controversial and have caused displeasure among their audience. So it only remains to wait and see what the Meta team intends to achieve.

Differences between Threads and Twitter

With the Threads boom, many users have commented that this platform is almost identical to Twitter. Mainly because it seems that the concept of both is the same. Make publications with text that can be answered and shared by other users. So we have compiled their main differences to be able to present you a comparison between these two.

direct messagingNo. It depends on Instagram for this optionYeah
character extension500280
character counterNoYeah
Account VerificationYou only need a verified instagram accountVerifying an account costs $8
Integration with other applicationsYeahNo
You only need a verified Instagram accountDoes not have6,000 tweets per day. Expanding to 10,000 verified tweets per day, followed by 1,000 unverified and 500 for new unverified users
Add other content formatsLinks, images, photos and videos with a maximum duration of 5 minutesLinks, images, photos and videos with a maximum duration of 2:20 minutes. The latter available only for verified accounts
Post ScanningOnly from the feedOptions for observing trends and other non-feed topics
View of postsThey look random. On a single wall will be the publications of the users you follow and those that the algorithm determines that you might be interested inOnly accounts that are followed can be seen and are presented in chronological order
option for draftsNoYeah
search engine sectionLimited to account searchYou can search for accounts as well as keywords that lead to certain types of content
hashtag systemNoYeah
View of “likes”NoYeah

Will Threads be available in the European Union?

Despite its launch in more than one hundred countries around the world, Meta has confirmed that, for the moment, the application will not be available in the countries of the European Union.

This decision could be linked to the handling of data by the application. According to a representative of the Irish Data Protection Commission, the app is still unable to operate in the EU due to its data processing. In particular, the application imports user data from Instagram, which includes information on behavior and advertising. This practice does not comply with the provisions established in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

In conclusion, Threads and Twitter have marked differences that may or may not be significant depending on the perception of each user. However, it must be remembered that the Meta team is characterized by updating and improving its creations. So we can expect over time that Threads will acquire new functions of interest.