LUNA overtakes ETH as the 2nd most staked asset

LUNA overtakes ETH

Users staked $30 billion worth of tokens in payouts that accounted for 7% of the total.

Terra’s LUNA token has outperformed all other major cryptocurrencies in terms of assets staked. LUNA has already dwarfed the ether in terms of investment, with nearly $28 billion invested.

  • At the current market price of $34 billion, some $30 billion of LUNA is directly staked across various protocols.
  • Participants receive an annual dividend of 6.98%. Statistics show that 41% of eligible tokens have been staked.
  •, a cross-chain protocol, has the largest amount of LUNA with approximately $2 billion invested. Its 43,000 investors earn more than 7% annually.
  • Last week, LUNA prices shot up over 70%, fueled by its excellent fundamentals and overwhelming community support.
  • Terra uses the UST stablecoin, which is worth USD, to help develop a global payment system. LUNA has had one of the best two-year earnings of any company, going from $0.12 on March 18, 2020 to $1.30 today.
  • Token holding is a mechanism for network members to earn prizes and other monetary incentives. These “yields” are usually higher than the interest rates given by normal banks.
  • Solana tokens are the most staked, with some $40 billion invested across all protocols. Punters earn 5.86% per annum.
  • The total amount of money locked up in Ethereum applications has never been surpassed. According to DeFiLlama, Ethereum-based applications have locked up $118 billion on Terra and $7 billion on Solana.