5 cryptocurrencies to watch out for in September 2023

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  • In September, there are 5 cryptocurrencies that represent some opportunities in the market.
  • The crypto market is coming off a sell-off a few weeks ago, which sent Bitcoin below $27,000.
  • On the list are known coins like Chainlink and Dogecoin, but also other unknowns like Red Woo (WOO).

This will be the last month of Q3 and there are 5 cryptocurrencies for investors to keep on their radar.

Currently, the crypto market is in a difficult moment. Weeks ago, a sell-off occurred and Bitcoin fell below $26,000. Even Ethereum crashed and lost the $1,600 level.

However, there are some opportunities like: WOOLINKDOGEFET and OCEAN.

Red Woo (WOO)

The Woo Network’s main function is to connect merchants, exchanges, institutions and DeFi platforms. WOO Network users apply WOO for the purpose of participating in CeFi and DeFi products. 

Some analysts suggest that the WOO token could bounce off the support at $0.13 to touch the resistance at $0.52 again. If it manages to do so, it could jump to its yearly high of $0.38.

WOO currently accumulates a loss of 10% in the last week and is trading at USD 0.16. Furthermore, it ranks 99th in terms of market capitalization.

One of the best-known coins on the market, which had its peak several years ago. The LINK token has been around since 2017 and the platform allows blockchains to interact with external entities securely.

The crypto’s support is at USD 5.7 and some experts have clarified that LINK could continue to fall to USD 5 and then bounce.

LINK has a market capitalization of 3.2 billion dollars and is ranked 22nd in the ranking. At one point, it became entrenched in the top 10.

The token has been stable for the past week and is trading very close to $6. More than two years ago, it reached its all-time high, when it touched USD 50 in July 2021.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

DOGE is probably the most popular memecoin on the market, and right now, there is a strong rumor that Elon Musk has plans for the crypto that links him to Twitter (X).

Dogecoin accumulates an increase of just over 2% in the last week and is trading at USD 0.063, ranking eighth in terms of market capitalization.

Fetch.ai (FET)

It is one of the cryptocurrencies associated with artificial intelligence with a strong backing in its native currency FET. Thanks to the latest push, crypto has benefited greatly.

In the past week, FET is up nearly 7% at $0.22. It is ranked 131st in market capitalization with a valuation in excess of $186 million.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

With Ocean Protocol, individuals and organizations can monetize their data through ERC-20-based tokens. The platform’s native token, OCEAN, shows significant bullish momentum after bouncing off a local low. 

OCEAN has recently overtaken FET in terms of market capitalization, rising to 128th place. The crypto has plunged 5% in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.31.

These are the 5 cryptocurrencies to have on your radar this month. However, remember to do your own research before investing in these assets