Bitcoin: How much will it be trading in 2025, according to the most bearish firm on Wall Street?



  • The financial advisory company Bernstein, one of the most bearish firms in the market regarding Bitcoin, projected the price of the cryptocurrency for 2025.
  • Strikingly, the company’s analysts believe that Bitcoin is on track for notable growth over the next two years and could reach $150,000.
  • However, this will depend on whether the SEC begins approving all applications for BTC spot ETFs.

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Bernstein is a company that provides financial advice to clients of all types and is known for being historically bearish on Bitcoin.

However, now its analysts have changed their minds and predict that the price of Bitcoin will skyrocket in the medium term. So much so, that they estimate that it will reach USD 150,000 by 2025.

One of the keys to this happening will depend on whether the SEC approves all Bitcoin spot ETFs, something that would happen sooner rather than later. We will also have to take into account the global financial scenario, of course.

Specialists have indicated that Bitcoin is currently going through a period of accumulation. When this happens, the price usually increases later.

Bitcoin heading to new highs

Experts highlighted Bitcoin’s strength as it went through a “crypto winter” and that it has withstood falling volume and lateralization well.

They also mentioned that the approval of counting ETFs would have an impact on the entry of large institutional capital into the digital asset. This will cause the price to rise significantly.

Currently, the leading cryptocurrency has accumulated a gain of 1.6% in the last 24 hours to once again approach the 35,000 USD mark.