Ark Invest and 21Shares announce upcoming launch of crypto ETFs

Cathie Wood Ark Invest

Important points:

  • Ark Invest has partnered with 21Shares to launch five ETFs focused on crypto assets and blockchain technology, expanding options for investors on the Chicago Options Exchange.
  • The offer includes investment strategies in Bitcoin and Ethereum futures, as well as in public companies in the blockchain sector, although without allowing direct investment in spot Bitcoin.
  • Against a backdrop of potential regulatory opening by the SEC, this collaboration positions both firms at the forefront of financial products based on cryptocurrencies.

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Investment firm Ark Invest, led by Cathie Wood, has taken a significant step towards the future of crypto asset investing by allying with 21Shares, a prominent provider of exchange-traded products (ETPs). This initiative is designed to provide investors with a diversity of options in digital asset ETFs, thus expanding their reach in the trading portfolio.

Innovation in Digital Asset ETFs

The collaboration between Ark Invest and 21Shares has resulted in the creation of five innovative digital asset ETFs that will be listed on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The varied offering will include investment strategies in Bitcoin and Ethereum futures, on-chain strategies and a combination of both cryptoassets, as well as an investment in public companies in the blockchain sector. This latest option is designed to capture the exponential growth of blockchain technology, offering investors comprehensive exposure to this booming sector.

Strategic Expansion and Crypto-Native Experience

Although direct spot Bitcoin investing will not be available, Ark Invest and 21Shares are looking to apply their expertise in the crypto-native domain to generate long-term capital appreciation. The firm 21Shares stands out for its position as the largest global issuer of cryptocurrency ETPs, with an impressive management of $1.58 billion in assets. Although its ETPs are not yet marketed in the US, Ark Invest’s expansion with six active ETFs in this country positions both firms at the forefront of investing in crypto assets.

Finally, with the regulatory window that the SEC could be opening for the approval of Bitcoin ETFs, Ark Invest’s vision is more relevant than ever. Additionally, the growth of its presence in the European market, through the acquisition of Rize ETF and the expansion of active ETF strategies in collaboration with JPMorgan Asset Management, demonstrates the firm’s commitment to innovation and adaptability in the changing investment world.