Cardano joins the Japanese market 

  • ADA, the main token of the Cardano network will be accepted on one of the largest exchanges in Japan.
  • There are high expectations for the new integration of Cardano into the Japanese market.
  • XRP surpasses Bitcoin and Ethereum as the most popular cryptocurrency in Japan.

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The main token of the Cardano network, ADA, has been listed on one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, OKCoin Japan. On September 1, all interested investors will have the opportunity to buy the coin against the Japanese yen with the start of ADA trading on the Japanese market.

Considering that Cardano ranks eighth among the top cryptocurrencies by market value, it’s listing on OKCoin Japan seems like a necessary move. A bunch of other coins, including BTC, ETH, XRP, and a few smaller ones, have already been traded on the Japanese market, in addition to ADA. At OKCoin Japan, there are a total of 17 pairs that traders can choose from.

Japan and the Crypto World

Undoubtedly, the project will gain from placing ADA on one of the major platforms in Japan, both for Cardano’s recognition and finances. 

Due to the low profits of traditional financial markets, the Japanese are very fond of alternative investment strategies, in addition, Japanese companies and the government are generally supportive of the emerging digital market, which favors the freedom of exchange of cryptocurrencies.

We can see how XRP is very popular in Japan, much more so than the other two big cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Large companies are already adapting and accepting electronic payments with cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, and banks are even introducing XRP rewards programs to attract new customers. 

One of the largest financial conglomerates in Japan, SBI, whose president was even part of the Ripple Board of Directors, provided support for the adoption of XRP in that nation.