Analyst explains why you have to buy gold and Bitcoin today

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  • Investment strategist Luke Gromen believes that both assets will fall in the short term but, going forward, they will still win.
  • “If the Fed raises rates too much, it will bankrupt the US government, and there is nothing more bullish for gold and Bitcoin than this,” he said.

Investor Luke Gromen analyzed the current economic context and recommended investors to buy gold and Bitcoin, explaining his reasons.

The investment strategist was very clear in stating that the United States government will soon start printing more and more dollars to finance its national debt, which will boost Bitcoin and gold in the long run.

“If the Fed (Federal Reserve) raises rates too much, it will bankrupt the United States government, and there is nothing more bullish for gold and Bitcoin, because the only way to pay the interest is if the Fed prints dollars. “Gromen.

The expert clarifies that the government will not go bankrupt but there will come a time when the market will say: “Inflation has not gone down. Rates have gone up a lot. They need to raise more, but from here the only way to make the interest payments is to print the money.” 

Gromen highlighted that if the Federal Reserve continues with its monetary policies, gold and Bitcoin will surely fall back, although, in the long run, they will be big winners.

The investor noted that rising national debt will eventually force the Fed to reverse its stance, which would be bullish on both store-of-value assets.

While this will help the dollar and hurt both assets in the short term, at some point the Fed will not print enough, and the government will again head into another default, causing another bullish rally for gold and Bitcoin.