What is the best investment in October, according to Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin

Rich dad poor dad author Robert Kiyosaki commented on what he thinks is the best investment for October 2022, aside from bitcoin or gold, assets he often recommends.

Even at the beginning of the month, investors are certainly still suspicious of bitcoin after a negative September for the digital currency.

The hope then was that the “Green October” would help change the scenario, and in the last 7 days, the price of bitcoin rose 1%, showing optimism with the beginning of the month.

Still, another investment could outperform the digital currency in this period when corporate stocks are showing worrying signs.

Robert Kiyosaki says it is the best investment for October 2022

The world economy could collapse soon, at least that’s what Robert Kiyosaki, author of a best-selling personal finance book, believes.

Due to his frequent worrying analysis, his followers tend to pay attention to what he says, and on many occasions, his “prophecies” are usually assertive.

However, unlike what he usually does, he said this Sunday (9) that in this month of October 2022 there is an investment that may be the best of the period, but it is not bitcoin, which traditionally works well.

That’s because, Robert believes that until the 31st, the best-performing asset for investors will be silver, a precious metal considered by many analysts to be a store of value.

Despite the fact that silver can be bought for “merely” $20.00, he still believes in gold and bitcoin as vital reserves to protect against the collapse of the macroeconomy.

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“Pension funds are buying Bitcoin, that’s why I’m buying it too,” said the guru.

Last Friday (7), Forbes published a study that indicates that the majority of US pension funds are buying bitcoins as an investment.

The move would be a way to gain exposure to a new asset class uncorrelated to the retirement market, which could hit a rough patch in the event of a global crisis.

Seeing that such funds are investing in bitcoin, Robert Kiyosaki said that this is a motivation for him to continue buying Bitcoin, implying that large institutions are already in the cryptocurrency market. 

“Why Do I Buy Bitcoin? Pension Funds Are The Largest Investment Businesses In The World.

As a store of value, he understands that bitcoin can do well against the dollar in the future, as well as gold and silver.