The worst losing film at the Oscars

The Oscars

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Many films have passed through the Oscars, which have received nominations in different categories. However, some of them have not been lucky and have left empty-handed.

The Oscars have been around for many years, there are several films that caught the attention of the Academy and had the privilege of competing for the statuette in different categories.

In the history of this famous ceremony, we have applauded several productions that managed to win many awards. And although we always remember the winners of the night, we must also emphasize those films that lost against their competition.


The movie that everyone loves, but that was a flop at the Oscars

For the Oscars, there have been many films that became big losers, one of them was Citizen KaneThis is Orson Welles‘s masterpiece, which became one of the highest-rated movies in history. Although it is now a cult film, it was not so well received in its time. He barely managed to recover a little of the budget he had spent on the production and overcome the bad press he had received for his theme.

As for the recognition of the Academy, the truth is that the film achieved a total of 9 nominations. However, he only managed to take home one statuette at the 1941 ceremony: Best Original Screenplay.

Although it was considered one of the films that were going to hit the event, it ended up being overshadowed by another great premiere: How green was my valley!, which won a total of 5 awards and made Citizen Kane the big flop of the night.


However, although it did not have any luck at the Oscars and continues to be remembered as one of the most losing films; the truth is that it became one of the most applauded films in history.

One of its strengths is its script, which was written by Orson Welles and Herman Mankiewicz. Although it is not yet known who owns the complete authorship of the script, there is no doubt that both did an exquisite job. The story introduces us to a journalist, who becomes obsessed with the fact of being able to understand the meaning of the last word that Charles Foster Kane said before he died: Rosebud.

Thus, the people behind the script take us into a story that brings together many narrators, jumps in time and also perspectives. In this way, it has many memorable phrases that continue to have prominence today.

On the other hand, Citizen Kane also introduced us to film genres that had not yet been seen. To tell such a complex story, the team decided to play with the lights, and the cameras and change all the rules that Hollywood had set until then. Undoubtedly, it is a cult work that although it did not win at the  Oscars, it did obtain the acceptance of the audience.