More than 40 million dollars were stolen from the virtual bitcoin and cryptocurrency casino

Hackers Stake Casino

More than 40 million dollars were stolen from the virtual bitcoin and cryptocurrency casino, alert services reported this Monday, September 4.  

CyverAlerts’ artificial intelligence-based alarm system reported via X (formerly Twitter) the detection of “multiple suspicious transactions” related to This is a betting platform where various public figures from entertainment and sports participate. 

According to CyverAlerts, an Ethereum address received close to $16 million denominated in ethers (ETH), Ethereum’s cryptocurrency, as well as USD Coin (USDC), USD Tether (USDT) and DAI (DAI) stablecoins.

The CyverAlerts alert system reported suspicious movements related to this Monday. Source: CyverAlerts.

The alert system notes that all the stablecoins that were stolen from are being converted to ETH. Furthermore, they are distributed to different Ethereum wallet addresses.  

Stolen Funds Headed to a Decentralized Exchange

As shown by the Ethereum Etherscan block explorer, the wallet identified as participating in the attack on the casino shows the hundreds of movements of funds out in different crypto assets. 

In effect, the stolen funds are directed to wallets that then send the money to the Uniswap decentralized exchange. At the close of this article, this wallet only holds a little more than 0.10 ETH, or about USD 270. The rest of the assets have already been withdrawn. 

The money taken from the virtual casino could be exchanged for fiat money or any other asset. Source: etherscan

Sending the funds to Uniswap is a sign that the cryptocurrencies stolen from could be exchanged for any other asset, even fiat, complicating a potential asset recovery. 

It was learned that, in addition to the drain of $16 million in ETH and other stablecoins, the attack on also led to another theft of $25.6 million. These were drained through the BNB Smart Chain and Polygon.  

Despite the fact that the attack on has already gone viral on social networks, the platform has not yet released any official statement or position on the matter. In his X account, there are no messages regarding the subject yet, nor in his blog.  

CriptoNoticias tried to contact to expand details about the attack, but at the close of this article, there was no response from the casino. is a platform for sports betting and casino games with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that has been gaining relevance in the ecosystem. Characters such as the soccer player Kun Agüero and the rapper Drake participate in it, among others.