7 tips to stand out in the world of finance

World of Finance

Successful businesses and investments depend on your IQ, your professional knowledge, and how well you control your emotional intelligence. 

“Every time you think you can’t do something, someone else thinks you can,” is one of the famous phrases of Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

The world of finance is not only about knowing how to manage money, studying the situations and conditions to obtain it, but it has to do with your networks of contacts, with the ease you have of joining visionary teams, how much you trust your instincts and how much you are willing to learn from your mistakes.

One of the attitudes that most harm people is that they do not trust their voice or inner perception. We have been raised to doubt ourselves and seek external validation in what we do. To avoid falling into this cycle of insecurities and be successful in the world of finance, we give you the following tips:

  • Have a financial plan: by having it you will be able to present it to your partners, banks, suppliers and clients, you will know the future scenarios and their variables, you will be able to size the solutions, the results, and you will know if your business is going to make financial and operational sense or not. even before starting it.
  • Do not familiarize yourself with debt: “financial problems are not solved with more money, they are solved with financial intelligence”, Robert Kiyosaki. Achieve that freedom and financial peace of mind that you always wanted, detect the investment opportunities that come your way, consult your advisor and always diversify your portfolios.
  • Do not fear failure:  do not forget that the Stock Market acts as a magnet when stocks are more expensive, and therefore more risky; therefore, people tend to invest at the peak of an upward cycle, a logical but dangerous behavior. A study in the scientific journal Nature revealed that human beings are more risky when they know that their decisions will have benefits. Failures are part of life, we cannot avoid them, but we can learn from them and overcome them. Today what the world needs is visionary people, without fear of failure.
  • Be curious: remember that you must constantly be aware of the movements of supply and demand, how your industry behaves and what are the small businesses that have emerged. On the other hand, it is a good idea to sign up for courses, workshops, diplomas and why not! Study another career, this will revive in you, and in your work team, the love of knowledge, remember: “The limit of your world it is limited by the limit of your knowledge”. 
  • Order and discipline: if you strengthen your habits, your economy will also benefit; Therefore, avoid wasting your money and try to buy only what you need. Always keep in mind that discipline makes your way easier, gives you consistency and helps you control your impulses.
  • Surround yourself with people smarter than you: “the secret of my success was to surround myself with people better than me”, Andrew Carnegie, American businessman and philanthropist . This is the key to successful teams, so make sure that the people with whom you interact are positive and master the subject, remember that “Attitude counts more than aptitude.”
  • Increase your income: even if you have a stable job, look for an additional income, promote your services and those things you like to do, you can use your social networks or your work contacts to let the world know that you have something more than offer you.

Finally, apply two techniques of the English business magnate, Richard Branson, always leave home with a notebook and pen and learn to listen to people. Branson confesses that he never goes anywhere without a pen and pencil, with this habit he recognizes having acquired innovative ideas for his 8 companies, which he is used to in business meetings, keeping silent and writing down things that other people say to be able to remember them.

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