Meta announces new social network


Meta, the company behind Facebook, is working on a new social network. It is a text exchange platform that is quite similar to a decentralized social network. According to some reports, the project will be called P92 and will work with the help of the ActivityPub protocol, the same one used by the open-source platform Mastodon.

The platform is apparently in the early stage of development and Meta has yet to reveal its features and functionality. However, it is known that the project will be verified in the style of Twitter (with the dream blue verifications) and that it will be closely related to Instagram. In fact, users will be able to enter the new social network using their Instagram accounts.

Surprisingly, the project will launch with Meta’s current privacy policy. The company is already working on a specific update for this project. The idea is that with the help of decentralized technology, users can share the latest and most relevant news and information at all times, enhancing the online social experience.