Top 10 jewelry brands in the world

Jewelry Brands World

Since ancient times, jewelry has been the prerogative of very rich and very noble people. However, the development of technology, including the technology of mining and processing of precious and semi-precious stones, as well as competition among jewelers, became the key to success. Although today jewelry is not yet a highly demanded product, it is still available to almost everyone.

However, this does not concern world-famous brands, masterpieces of jewelry art made in limited series or even in a single copy.



Among jewelry brands, whose creations delight movie and entertainment superstars as well as people with above-average incomes, the Japanese brand Mikimoto stands out the most. Kōkichi Mikimoto started his family business in 1896 with pearl farming. Unique technology helped him to obtain perfect pearls that met all the criteria of jewelry art and at the same time grew in close to natural conditions. Of course, this brand still specializes in products with pearls.


The brand was created in 1960 by Lawrence Graff. Originally, it was a small workshop where they created expensive and exclusive custom jewelry. Today it is a small jewelry fashion house, employing the best jewelers and decorators.

The centerpiece of almost any piece of Graff’s jewelry art is a large diamond hand-cut by one of his master jewelers. This is understandable, since the owner of the brand, Lawrence Graff, has special feelings towards diamonds.


Created in Milan (Italy) in 1919, the Buccellati brand was initially aimed at an extremely narrow market segment. The metals they use in their work are gold and platinum, while the stones are the purest diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. The master, who selects each stone very carefully, even makes the cut.

Each decoration is unique, created in a single copy and based on exclusive sketches.

Today, Buccellati jewelry is very popular with people known for their presence on the Forbes list. In fact, Buccellati is a guaranteed exclusive.

Harry Winston

The Harry Winston brand, created in 1890 as a family business, originally specialized in creating elite wristwatches. However, almost immediately after, they also began to create jewelry. The main feature of the house is exceptional elegance and sometimes even extravagance.

The masterpieces of jewelry art from this brand are easily recognizable at the annual Academy Awards ceremony.

Pandora jewelry

One of the most extravagant brands, Pandora Jewelry, was created not so long ago, in 1982, in Copenhagen (Denmark). The first pieces of jewelry, presented in a small shop in the jeweler’s workshop, caused a sensation. The reason is its original approach and even more than extravagant. That is, all decorations presented by the brand are created according to the principle of modular assembly: multiple elements are randomly tied on a base made of natural leather or precious metals (gold, platinum). The result is a unique piece of jewelry art that can be modified exactly as the owner wishes.

Van Cleef and Arpels

The first Van Cleef & Arpels Company jewelry appeared in 1896. Today, it is one of the most famous brands in the industry known for its wildlife-themed decorations. However, the brand’s production is not limited to jewelry alone, even if it is produced in limited series. His miniature sculptural images of dancing girls made of platinum and white gold, encrusted with precious stones, also caused a sensation at jewelry displays. The series found development in the brooches.

Van Cleef & Arpels were the first to use jewelry transformers. For example, after a little manipulation, your necklace or earrings can easily be turned into a brooch.


For more than a century and a half of Chopard’s existence (which originally specialized in making wristwatches made of precious metals and stones), its creations have earned the recognition of movie stars such as Penelope Cruz, Keith Winslet and Charlize Theron. .

The value of the brand is estimated at 1-1.5 billion US dollars.


As if by magic, a small haberdashery, created in 1837, became a jewelry store and, later, the largest jewelry brand recognized throughout the world. The first Tiffany decorations were packaged in turquoise boxes, which remain one of the most recognizable elements of the brand. Laconic and elegant, Tiffany jewelry, from wedding rings to lavish necklaces, is something that the richest and most famous people around the world are proud to wear.

Experts estimate the value of the brand at 3.23 billion US dollars.


The first jewelry collection of the Prada fashion house was presented to the public only recently, in 2011. However, it made an unexpected impact with its special and recognizable style of the brand, which was embodied in jewelry. To date, the jewelry department has already received a special status within the corporate structure of the brand.

According to various estimates, the value of the brand ranges from 6 to 6.4 billion US dollars. Stores of the Prada jewelry brand have already appeared in the US.



In 1847, the jeweler Cartier offered its elegant and luxurious decorations to the Parisian aristocracy. As we all know, the French are very picky about status items like jewelry, but in this case, their hearts were won. Today, the degree of recognition is difficult to imagine, but by the end of the 19th century, almost all noble ladies and gentlemen wore Cartier decorations, and in 1902 the jewelry house was ordered to make the crown (for the coronation of Edward VII). At that time, the brand was already the official supplier of precious stones and products made from them for the royal family.

Today, the value of the brand is estimated at $7.61 billion.