Top 10 Pizza Companies in the World

Top Pizza Companies World

Pizza places, especially the big chains, are one of the most successful fast-food restaurants in America. Various experts estimate its annual net sales at a rate of 38 to 45 billion US dollars.

10. Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza logo

The Round Table Pizza chain tells its story since 1959, when the first restaurant decorated in a knightly style opened its doors. The bet on chivalric romance was quite effective: the theme of the legendary King Arthur plus the appropriate entourage made the Round Table Pizza chain one of the most popular among teenagers.

The chain’s net profit is close to 380 million US dollars.

9. Cici’s Pizza

Annual net profit varies between $475 million and $500 million. These figures were achieved in just over 30 years of work. More than 450 restaurants of this chain operate in 32 states of the United States.

The main feature of Cici’s Pizza is the use of the heterogeneous mix principle. After making a certain deposit, each visitor has access to the full range of pizzas and there is no limit to the food. At Cici’s Pizza, everyone can get enough to eat, even a very hungry person.

8. Chuck E. Of cheese

Chuck E. Cheese’s first family pizzeria opened in 1979. The brand owner’s main idea was to create a comfortable place for families with young children. Even today, every Chuck e. The Cheese’s restaurant has special children’s rooms where entertainers have fun with the children. Entertainment programs vary by season and region, but the quality of the pizza remains high all the time.

Chuck E. Cheese’s annual revenue is about US$500 million and the brand’s last sale cost its buyers US$950 million.

7. Smud

The owners of Sbarro, a large pizza chain, earn almost $600 million each year. He was the first owner of the Sbarro pizzeria who offered customers not the whole pizza, but the opportunity to buy one or two pieces. Fans of fractional nutrition found this offer very attractive. Today, Sbarro restaurants can be found in almost all major shopping malls and supermarkets. It may seem strange, but this brand has found an approach even for suspicious military men: Sbarro operates even in the Pentagon.

6. California Pizza Kitchen

The first pizzeria opened in Beverly Hills in 1985 as the first and at the time the only pizzeria to offer gluten-free items. Today, there are dozens of restaurants operating throughout the United States and annual revenues number in the hundreds of millions of dollars (over the past year, revenue was $739 million).

5. Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s is almost the only brand that offers each customer an individual approach. In fact, customers here cook their pizzas themselves. Papa Murphy’s only takes care of keeping a wide variety of ingredients. The customer chooses the necessary ones and sends the pizza to the oven. This is a truly individual approach, bringing homeowners more than $780 million in annual profits.

4. Little Caesars Pizza

The Little Caesars Pizza brand brings its owners nearly $2.9 billion a year. The first restaurant opened in 1959 and its main characteristic is its competitive prices, well below the market average.

Interestingly, the name “Little Caesars” was created not by the owner himself, but by his wife. The businessman used the nickname of the house of him (he was small in stature, but very ambitious, which is exactly why he received that nickname).

3. Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza is a restaurant chain that literally covers the entire world. Papa John’s Pizza became the first pizza brand to dominate online ordering and the first and most active to attract sports celebrities for advertising campaigns.

Papa John’s Pizza’s annual revenue exceeds $3 billion and the brand itself is estimated at $6 billion.

2. Domino’s Pizza

This brand annually brings its owners more than 8 billion dollars. In fact, the geography of Domino’s Pizza has gone beyond the borders of the USA. Now you can find its restaurants in any country in Europe, in Russia and even in the Asian continent.

However, back in the 1980s, the brand came close to suffering a catastrophic loss. The desire to deliver pizza as soon as possible (couriers who did not deliver for half an hour paid for the delivered pizza out of their own pocket) led to excessive speeding on highways and subsequently to an increase in accidents. As a result, American society protested against the company and was forced to abandon this practice. However, even today, Domino’s Pizza delivery is considered the fastest, but this time because the company simply creates more and more new restaurants, getting the necessary coverage.

According to experts, the Domino’s Pizza brand value reaches 5.75 billion US dollars.

1. Pizza Hut

pizza hut logo

Without a doubt, this chain is one of the most popular in the US. The brand owes part of this popularity to its original logo: the red roof, a symbol of comfort and high quality of service, made the brand even more memorable.

The brand’s revenue is nearly $13 billion a year. Its potential buyers should be willing to pay US$8.51 billion for it.

In conclusion, it should be noted that new pizza chains are constantly appearing in the US. In fact, many of them are being created by existing fast food chains. As an example, the new Pizzeria Locale chain is actually a product of one of the market leaders, Chipotle, estimated at $10.65 billion in net worth. However, the demand for pizzerias gives rise to supply. That is why more brands are expected to hit the market in the near future.