Microsoft shares reach an all-time high!

Microsoft Blizzard


  • Microsoft shares have soared 12.5% ​​in the last 30 days and reached the $369 line.
  • Analysts believe the stock benefited from the company’s efforts to venture into the artificial intelligence segment.
  • Just next Wednesday, the company will present its AI projects at its Ignite conference in Seattle. 

Shares of Microsoft  (MSFT) reached a new all-time high this Friday as it gets fully into the artificial intelligence business.

The stock opened the day with a modest 1% gain to $368. However, at this time, close to closing the market, the papers are gaining 2.4% to reach $369.20.

Microsoft shares rose for nine consecutive days until Thursday when they fell 0.7%. That streak meant being the most winning since November 2019.

Investors began piling into stocks after Oct. 24, when the company released its quarterly report that had big gains, especially in cloud computing.

Microsoft has more ahead

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella highlighted that the company is providing initiatives within the artificial intelligence industry, such as its Copilot product.

Next Wednesday, the firm will offer a conference in Seattle where it will show its latest advances in the AI ​​segment. Without a doubt, with the industry just beginning to develop, Microsoft has a promising future ahead of it.