A new Twitter update allows you to see BTC and ETH prices

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  • From the search bar, when typing a symbol of any asset, results will be presented that lead to the price graphs of the currencies.
  • In tweets where $ is followed by the name of a digital asset, a link will be displayed that leads to the site that shows the results of price charts.

The microblogging platform Twitter presented its new update to its users. This is a function added to the search bar under the “$Cashtags” category that allows you to check the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Twitter business also announced that when writing a tweet including the symbol of any asset, be it digital or traditional, preceded by the $ sign, a link will appear where the user clicks and will be redirected to websites with price charts for the mentioned assets.

Similarly, if you type in the stock symbol in the search bar, it will show you price chart results.

On December 22, the current CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, retweeted the announcement, adding that it is “ one of the many product enhancements coming to financial Twitter”.

At the moment, only Bitcoin and Ethereum are part of this proposal. According to Twitter business, it will expand the coverage of symbols in a few weeks.

The tags “$Bitcoin”, “Bitcoin prices” and “BTC price” work the same to get the price charts. It is the same case for Ethereum.

On the same day the update was made, blogger Jane Mastodon Wong announced that the information displayed regarding prices is brought from TradingView, a trading analysis platform.  

In the results displayed by the ticker symbols, you can see a link to the Robinhood site, so a possible alliance between it and Twitter is presumed.

In this case, users will see the graphs associated with the Ethereum price where they can even register to buy the cryptocurrency. For Bitcoin, the operation is the same.

Although there are no statements about a partnership between Robinhood and Twitter, the former could get a lot more traffic than the latter.

In the first days of the month, unconfirmed data was known about a possible Twitter own currency for the payment system on the same platform.

On the other hand, Musk could be leaving the position of CEO of the platform, after surveying users about whether or not he should remain in the position, obtaining a majority of votes in favor of his withdrawal.

The businessman confirmed that he would leave the position when “he finds someone dumb enough to accept the job.”