Why does my Cell Phone Turn Off when watching Videos? Quick Solution

Cell Phone Turn Off when watching Videos

Does your cell phone turn off while watching videos? Here we will explain the possible causes that cause this problem and the most effective methods to solve it.

It is very common for mobile devices to present this type of failure, however, you do not have to worry, since it is very simple and practical to end this dilemma.

Why does my cell phone screen turn off when I watch videos?

Mobile devices have evolved very quickly, allowing us to perform endless functions through them. One of the most outstanding of them is watching videos from my cell phone screen.

These options allow us to watch all kinds of videos through our mobiles or watch them on SmarTV, and even series and movies of your choice, and have better access and purpose of your cell phone.

However, it may happen that when opening a projection on our mobile phone, it turns off and you must restart it so that it can function normally and play the videos on the screen of my cell phone.

Usually, this problem is caused by the presence of viruses on your mobile device. This happens when we download applications of dubious origin, which tend to infest your cell phone with malware.

So, if you are suffering from such problem, you can try to try some of the methods that we will give you throughout this article and you will be able to see the fix completely.

Data saver is on

This is an option on your phone that gives you many advantages, but if you have it turned on, it may lack features on it.

Energy save mode

The cell phone when watching videos cannot have this option turned on, since, if that happens, you will have some disadvantages.

bad internet connection

Our cell phone when watching videos may have a fault that turns off if you do not have it downloaded. But the solution to this is to verify your connection to this network, it may be that you do not have a connection to it, also try to connect to another.

Errors at the charging port

Efficiently you get the hardware of your smartphone intact with the help of your battery. Likewise, if you have an error in the charging port, it usually affects you in many circumstances. Among these, we can find the reason that you do not have the possibility to watch videos perfectly. If this inconvenience occurs to you, try to have a solution quickly.

Presence of malware or computer virus

You must check if you have any of these in your mobile system, it will not only make it difficult for you to watch videos, but also in its functions. If this happens to you, take a technician immediately, only he will know how to solve your problem without it happening to majors.

Crashes in recent updates

Remember that you must have your apps and mobile in their most recent versions, it will fill you with these advantages. Among these, you can locate that you will have the option or way to see your videos in perfect condition.

How to fix it if my cell phone turns itself off when I’m watching videos?

This failure may be due to the configuration of your mobile. There is a chance that you have your mobile set to darken its image after a few seconds of inactivity. What can cause my cell phone screen to turn off while you are viewing on your mobile phone, be it Android, iOS or any other Software.

This configuration can be easily modified, you just have to follow what we will give you below:

  • Step 1. The first thing you should do is go to the menu of your cell phone and select the “settings” icon of your device that you are seeing.
  • Step 2. In the configuration panel you will see a series of options to modify your device, You will have to click on the screen box of my cell phone, here you can enter without difficulty and quickly. You do not have to do a lot of processing for it and it does not turn off and you are watching and you get the hardware of your smartphone intact with the help of your battery.
  • Step 3. Finally, you just have to select the option to darken your cell phone screen and modify your mobile so that it is blocked in the time that you decide. In general, this configuration varies from 5 seconds to 30 minutes of viewing on your mobile phone, be it Android, iOS or any other Software.

The main cause of this failure is the presence of a virus or malware on your device, which could have been acquired through a pirated app.

This problem can be easily solved. You will only have to download some antivirus applications. Its main function is to eliminate the malware present on your mobile phone so that it can work correctly and does not turn off.

Next, we will explain step by step how you can solve your problem with the help of some virus-cleaning applications on your mobile phone, be it Android, iOS or any other Software.

  • Step 1. The first thing you should do is go to the Play Store on your mobile device and look for an antivirus application that is compatible with your cell phone. We suggest you download “Avast antivirus” which is complete, reliable and compatible with a large number of cell phones, it does not turn off.
  • Step 2. After having searched for the antivirus in the Play Store on your mobile, all you have to do is click on the “download” icon and wait for it to be installed on your mobile phone.
  • Step 3. Now that the application will have to be downloaded and installed. You just have to enter it and select the “Run smart analysis” icon for the application to start its cleaning process.
  • Step 4. The application will notify that the threat has been exterminated from any possible viruses (if any viruses are present).
  • Step 5. Finally, you just have to enter the location of your videos and play it, to confirm that the problem has been solved correctly and it does not turn off.

If, when you run the virus cleaning application on your mobile, it still fails to play a projection, it may be due to deterioration of your cell phone’s battery. Since, if it is damaged, it may cause your mobile phone to turn off when playing one or more videos.

This damage usually occurs when we constantly reboot our devices, causing the battery to drain after each reboot or shutdown.

We suggest that, when trying these methods, your device still has this error, you go to a professional so that he can determine the problem that prevents you from seeing videos on the screen of your cell phone turns off. Likewise, you get the hardware of your smartphone intact with the help of your battery.