Shiba Inu: A whale invests 11 million dollars

Shiba Inu tokens purchased by the whale are worth 11.9 million dollars

The Shiba Inu tokens purchased by the whale are worth 11.9 million dollars, being more than 442.6 billion tokens.

What has happened to Shiba Inu?

WhaleStats detected a massive transaction on the blockchain on Wednesday, according to the company. The buyer had to pay an on-chain transaction fee of $7.

Shiba Inu assets were rated #1 among the 100 richest ETH whale assets as of last night.

Averaging 2.216 million tokens, or 259 percent, the whales increased their Shiba Inu balance in a single day. The 100 richest whales were valued at an average of $56 million each.


Shiba Inu is now available for purchase for $0.00002572, which represents a savings of 3.8 percent. DOGE is a cryptocurrency that competes with Dogecoin.

following a 20 percent drop in February, which coincided with the collapse of the largest crypto markets.

According to IntoTheBlock, the value of DOGE’s large transactions (those over $100,000) reached $2.77 billion in the previous week.

At the current market price, 40% of SHIB holders have kept their original investment.

According to on-chain tests, SHIB is “mostly bearish.”