Meet FatMan, the man who unmasked Terra (LUNA)

Terra Luna Soars

After losing much of his savings to the collapse of the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem, including the TerraUSD (UST) stablecoin, one investor has become a symbol of the pursuit of justice. His name, FatManTerra, has become as popular in the cryptocurrency industry as comic book superheroes.

In a conversation with Fortune, published this Friday (7), FatMan revealed more details about his story, noting that his sudden fame also came with paranoia. After all, his comments about LUNA annoyed the grown-ups.

As a highlight, FatMan says that it all started when he made a proposal about the UST stablecoin crisis, held on Terra’s own forum. After that, he migrated to Twitter, where he already has more than 100,000 followers, all interested in leaks of confidential information.

The reason is simple. FatMan became the center of complaints about LUNA and UST, cryptocurrencies with a value of 166,000 million and 76,000 million reais, respectively.

“My Theory Is That They Know That I Am Just A Guy Who Is Not Supported By Any Force, Nor Am I Associated With Any News Site. I Don’t Have Any Publishers To Talk To, I’m Not Funded By Any Exchanges, I’m Literally Just A Guy In His Room,” FatManTerra Told Fortune About Being Contacted By Whistleblowers.

FatMan started with Terra but didn’t stop there.

According to FatMan, the choice of his nickname was made for his physical condition, “I weigh 150 kilos”. As for his identity, he only revealed that she is between 20 and 35 years old, lives in the UK and works as a project manager in the cryptocurrency industry.

“It Was Supposed To Be A Throwaway Account, So I Made It Have A Silly Name That My Friends Could Laugh At. ‘FatMan’ Because I’m A Fat Man, Right? Some People Are Surprised That I Weigh 150 Pounds.”

In any case, his complaints quickly caught the attention of the community. As a highlight, even Changpeng Zhao, the founder of Binance, said that he was investigating the allegations made by FatMan. “Quite interesting. I’m not sure how much of this is true or false,” CZ commented at the time.

Among the charges, FatMan placed the major exchanges involved in the LUNA case, as well as accusations of insider fraud. After all, the Terra Foundation had billions on its hands.

Regarding the verification of the facts, he commented that he had to filter complaints as the demand for his “service” grew.

“For The First Few Days, I Just Worked With It. If A Guy Texted Me, I’d Check LinkedIn To Make Sure It’s Legit. The Stories Were Very Detailed, Accurate, And Matched What He Already Knew. But As Time Went On, I Had To Create A Verification Process. Now I Need To See That You Are A Verified And Vetted Employee. And, If You Tell Me Something Crazy, I Personally Have To Believe It’s True And It’s Cross-Referenced From Two Or Three Different Sources,” FatManTerra Told Fortune.

In the latest accusations, FatMan has gone far beyond LUNA. As an example, he claimed that Roger Ver was behind the insolvency of the Flexcoin exchange.

FatMan’s ultimate mission is to put LUNA’s founder behind bars.

FatMan also told Fortune that he began to feel paranoid as his popularity grew. After all, he was afraid of becoming a target of the giants he was denouncing. As a climax, he tells that his final mission is to imprison Do Kwon, founder of Terra (LUNA).

“Once Do Kwon Is Brought To Justice And There Is Some Sort Of Satisfactory Resolution To All Of This, I Will Definitely Post A Lot Less And Focus On Real Life Stuff.”

At the moment, everything seems to be heading towards this. This week, authorities arrested Terra’s head of general affairs. As for Do Kwon, the same is already being sought by Interpol, it seems only a matter of time before the founder of Terra is testifying about his creations that have left many investors in the dark.