‘Hello, is Do Kwon here?’, the story of how a crypto investor scared the wife of LUNA founder

Do Kwon Wife

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The Internet can be a happy place. A site where you can read the news about your favorite team, where you can train in a thousand and one subjects, or where you can check the weather you will have the next day. Also, the internet can be a strange place. A place where you can buy monkeys with strange faces and coins that you can’t touch, but that promise to be the future of the global economy. The fall of several cryptocurrencies, as we recently informed you, has led to the beginning of a crusade of investors against the creators and management platforms of these assets.

The scare of the wife of the creator of LUNA and the danger of entrusting a high net worth to such a volatile market

It does not seem that these are safe times to trust cryptocurrencies as an investment value. The recent crash of LUNA has shown us the bitter side of these blockchain assets. Recently, at the time of writing the article, we have learned a brief story about the founder of this currency and the episode that his wife experienced, judging by the information collected in the Crypto News medium. It seems that an investor, who would have lost more than 1.5 million dollars, would have gone to the same house as Do Kwon and knocked on the door seeking explanations. the woman of the founder of LUNA would have been shocked to see the intruder on the threshold of his house.

Everything seems to indicate that the investor can be found on the streaming platform AfreecaTV under the pseudonym Chancers. In fact, it seems that in one of his live shows he confirmed his identity, saying:

I’m broke. It’s over. I’m going to take a shower and then I’m going to the police station. It is very sad.

It seems that this episode of harassment will not be repeated, at least physically, given that Do Kwon’s wife has already requested police protection for her apartment in the Seongdong-gu neighborhood of Seoul and this has been granted. The individual, by the way, seems to have gained access to the apartment complex because he waited for one of the tenants to enter through a door with an access code. We will see what charges the frustrated investor ends up with and how events unfold with the creator of LUNA.