MicroStrategy now owns 130,000 BTC, being the second corporate company with the most Bitcoins today

MicroStrategy Bitcoin

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MicroStrategy has acquired Bitcoin worth more than 6 million dollars to add another 301 BTC to the reserves of the company that at the time was the first public company to start acquiring Bitcoin as part of its treasury and that today has become one of the largest corporate holders of Bitcoin.

The “acquisition of Bitcoins” strategy continues

The president of the company, Michael Saylor, after leaving his position as CEO in August, decided to focus his strategy on the acquisition of Bitcoins and today announced a major purchase of 301 BTC worth 19,851 each., to arrive at the round figure of 130,000 BTC in the company’s reserves.

According to company reports, the total purchase price for all of its Bitcoins is $3.98 billion with an average of $30,639 per BTC, including fees and expenses associated with transactions.

This means that at the time of writing this article, the balance sheet of Bitcoins shows a loss of more than 1,000 million dollars.

To complete

As a well-known influential person in the crypto world, Michael Saylor, better known as “The Bitcoin Lawyer” is still the CEO of the company that seeks to mainly promote technological innovation based on the creation of long-term investment strategies.