Charles Hoskinson: Cardano could catch up with Solana

Cardano Solana Charles Hoskinson

Cardano, according to, is a product with similar performance to Solana. Cardano is now in the fourth phase of its development cycle. In addition, the June hard fork seems to favor an increase in the global value of the network.

Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson has indicated that the cryptocurrency would behave similarly to the Solana cryptocurrency. So that you can get the same performance as systems like Solana, etc., all these improvements will be available this year. “Or, at the very least, of comparable magnitudes,” he said.

Next, Charles Hoskinson alludes to the scaling phase of Cardano Basho, which he describes as follows: In 2022, Cardano will put a lot of emphasis on sustainability. During its operation, the network will need to become more efficient, scalable, and organic as it grows in size and complexity. “That indicates it requires items like Mithril,” Hoskinson explained.

Mithril is a new blockchain interoperable with the main chain of the Cardano cryptocurrency. It is a reliable and lightweight protocol that can “address chain synchronization, state bootstrap, and trust issues” in blockchain applications, according to the developers.

Cardano’s independence was welcomed by Hoskinson. The Cardano governance structure is complete, but the monetary mechanism is still under development. Cardano, like any other government, has the authority to issue money to support its development.

Presentation of the Hoskinson project (Cardano)

The fourth phase of his project has recently been completed. The early stages of Byron’s development allowed users to trade ADA over a network in a novel way. The second phase, called “Shelley”, allowed the network to introduce improvements to its infrastructure. The “Goguen” phase allows the integration of smart contracts, as well as the construction of decentralized applications.

According to Charles Hoskinson, the June and October hard forks are favorable for phase four. Cardano applications will gain in value after the June hard fork, which has been dubbed the Vasil Hard Fork.

Cardano’s performance, according to Charles Hoskinson, will be equivalent to Solana in the future. Also, he was ecstatic about the June and October hard forks. He claims that Cardano will benefit from them.