Solana surpasses Ethereum in global popularity, CoinGecko reveals

Solana Crypto


  • Solana Leads Global Investor Interest: Stands out as the most popular blockchain of 2024.
  • SOL’s Impressive Rise: Reaches significant peaks from January to March.
  • Ethereum Still Strong but Closely Followed: Solana and Ethereum lead investment interest in blockchains.

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In the competitive cryptocurrency landscape, Solana (SOL) is emerging as a top contender against Ethereum (ETH), garnering significant attention from investors globally. CoinGecko, the renowned cryptocurrency data aggregator, has revealed data that positions Solana as this year’s leading blockchain.

Uncontested Domain of Solana

Based on an analysis of web traffic from 58 blockchain ecosystems from the beginning of the year to March 18, 2024, Solana has stood out notably. “This year, the Solana ecosystem has become the most popular among crypto investors, representing 49.3% of global interest in chain-specific stories,” CoinGecko reports.

Since trading at 101.48 on January 1, SOL reached a peak of 209.86 this month, with a current price of 172.19.

Solana Ecosystem Key Successes

SOL’s resurgence towards 2021 highs and the success of major tokens within its ecosystem such as Pyth Network (PYTH) and dogwifhat (WIF) have been instrumental in its lead. Although Ethereum remains strong, it is in second place with 12.73% of the investors’ interest rate. Binance’s BNB Smart Chain ecosystem follows with 5.4%.

“The top 20 blockchain ecosystems capture 97.4% of investor interest in chain-specific narratives. The remaining 2.6% is distributed among 38 other blockchain ecosystems, including Near Protocol, which almost makes it into the top 20,” notes CoinGecko.

This analysis underscores the changing cryptocurrency landscape, showing growing interest in alternatives to Ethereum and solidifying Solana as a formidable force in the sector.