20% of Hispanics in the US have a gun

US have a gun

Washington. Twenty percent of Hispanics living in the United States own a weapon, practically half that of whites (38%), according to a survey released yesterday by the Pew Research Center.

Twenty-four percent of African Americans and 10% of Asians also say they own a firearm, reports the survey conducted June 5-11 among a sample of 5,115 people nationwide.

Eight percent of Hispanics, the same percentage of Asians, 10% of African-Americans, and 11% of whites do not own a gun but live in homes where there is at least one, he adds.

In the United States, two concepts are separated: ethnicity and race. The Hispanic or Latino category includes people of Hispanic descent, both from Latin America and Spain.

81% of gun owners highlight that it provides them with security, while 71% acknowledge that they enjoy having it.

They are much more common among those living in rural areas (47%) than among those in the suburbs (30%) or urban areas (20%).

Debate on carrying weapons

In a country where firearms wreak havoc, the majority of Americans (61%) believe it is too easy to obtain a gun legally in the United States.

Democratic President Joe Biden has called on Congress to ban, or at least restrict, their possession. To no avail: Republicans oppose it.

Deadly shootings are frequent in the country, where there are 400 million firearms in circulation. In 2020, 45,000 citizens died from gunshot wounds, whether due to suicide, accident or homicide, according to figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).