Warren Buffett’s favorite companies to make money on the stock market

Warren Buffett's favorite companies to make money

The famous investor Warren Buffett has sent, as usual, his letter to investors this weekend. In it, he has reviewed the market situation and his investments, analyzing the companies in which he has a greater participation. In addition to the insurance businessApple, BSNF and BHE, the four legs of Berkshire Hathaway, there are others with which the tycoon also makes a lot of money.

American Express is the first of them with a 19.9% ​​stake. Buffett’s investment arm bought the shares for $1.287 billion, up from their current market value of $24.804 billion, up 19 times.

On the other hand, it also has a stake in Bank of America of 8.3%, which represents just over 1,000 million titles. Berkshire acquired them for 14,631 million, while their current valuation is 45,952 million.

One of the most spectacular gains is that of BYD, as its 7.7% stake cost Buffet $232 million, while the market capitalization of the shareholding package is now 33 times higher, to $7,693 million.

This situation is similar to that of Moody’s, given that the tycoon’s investment arm acquired 13.3% of the company for 248 million dollars, while now its shares cost 9,636 million.

Coca-Cola is one of the actions that has grown the most. The 9.2% that Berkshire has was bought at 1,299 million, while its market capitalization currently amounts to 23,684 million dollars.

At Charter Communications, Buffet has about 3.8 million shares, 2.2% of the share capital, whose value amounts to 2,496 million dollars, a market capitalization similar to that of Itochu (2,798 million for 5.6 % of shares), Mitsubishi (2,593 million for 5.5% of shares), Mitsui (2,219 million for 5.7% of the shares).