How to Get Tinder Premium, Gold or Plus Free on Android or iPhone

Tinder For Free

Tinder is one of the most fascinating social networks in recent years. Created with the specific function of being able to meet people, and to have appointments. But due to its paid functions, there will be the question of how to have Tinder Premium, Gold, Plus or Platinum Free without paying.

The term social network was already studied long before the internet, by sociologists and communication scientists. But, the social network services that the Internet has brought have taken human relations to a much broader dimension, which exploded with the invention of mobile telephony.

Social networks were already working since the internet began to take its first steps at the end of the 90s. But its massification during 2000 and throughout the 2010s has motivated its advances and the appearance of other networks, such as Tinder.

Social networking services serve to meet many people. Either in order to make good friends, with different ones, like dating people of interest or in order to know if my boyfriend or girlfriend has ever had Tinder. And the striking thing about Tinder is that it was created in order to get much more to get special people.

Tinder already has 50 million users worldwide. But, when creating a Tinder account with or without a mobile phone number and using it, you may notice that there are several features and much more advanced versions that can help improve the experience. Since they were designed for mobile telephony. But they are paid, and although they are not entirely expensive services, it would be better if they were free. Regardless of your operating system, whether it is Android or iPhone iOS.

What is the difference between the Premium plans and the free version of Tinder?

The difference that the system has consists of the advantages that you can unlock from premium services, for example, seeing who has matched your profile, being able to return to see who you rejected, being able to do if you travel to another country, how to have likes unlimited, exposure in your nearby area within the platform.

An alternative to how to have a premium,  which Android users have over those of the iPhone iOS system, is that they can enjoy the Tinder Gold service by paying for it at the Tinder Plus price. The strategy is like this, Tinder Plus is purchased as normal and the profile is updated to Tinder Gold the next day.

Wait for the days to pass and before the end of the payment period, the subscription is cancelled. In such a way, that the service will not charge you for the moments that you used Tinder Gold. This procedure allows you to save money.

Now, if you want Tinder Plus for free, in the Android operating system you can buy it from a Huawei device, in the AppGallery store. The alternative is not available in all countries, but if you manage to acquire it you can enjoy Tinder free for 6 months.

When entering AppGallery, we must create an account in Yo, once this is done, advertisements will be searched where they offer Tinder Plus free for 6 months, or you can go to Gifts and look for the 6 months free Tinder Plus promotion.

By pressing the option, you will be sent to a screen where terms and conditions will be displayed that you must accept. In turn, they will give you a code with which you will get Tinder Plus Free for 6 months, but when the codes run out, the promotion ends.

Upon receiving the code, you will open Tinder in your internet browser and enter. Go to settings, after that, a bar will appear where you must place the digits of the code. Choose to send and you will have concluded the procedure.

How to get Tinder Gold, Premium, Platinum or Plus in my account and without paying?

In the case of mobile phones with iOS, you can get Tinder Plus for free, but, first of all, you must obtain and pay for the Tinder Gold service as a means of subscription.

The system offers you 14 days of trial where you can verify the application. Within this period you will be enjoying the benefits that you have paid for so far, but you can make this work for you for free.

Then, before the 14-day trial is up, you’ll need to report a problem. You will access iTunes, go to account, then select view my account and then report a payment problem. Select the problem and choose I want to cancel this order. By notifying any inconvenience, the system will refund your money.

So, the days enjoyed will have been free when you receive the money you paid for the affiliation. And you will be able to perform this procedure over and over again. To enjoy Tinder Plus, you can do it through the discount version, it is not completely free, but the difference is considerable. And you will no longer have the excuse that I can’t chat or write on Tinder. For sure there is no way to fully hack and unlock the premium system on these types of phone apps, especially iPhone iOS.

Activating Tinder Premium on Android

The way to have Tinder platinum on your Android is quite simple and similar to the Tinder plus process. What you have to do is open the application, the application on your Android mobile phone, then you must go to the section where it offers you to obtain the premium or platinum membership, you must choose the membership that best suits your needs. There you can see from Tinder plus, to Tinder platinum.

Then, it will redirect you to the payment section, in general, it is the payment system in all applications. From the App store, and if you don’t have it you must add your card. You can now see if payment is available through your mobile phone. To cancel your subscription and unlock the benefits. No need to hack or jailbreak the subscription remember very well that this process does not apply to the Android operating system.

Using Tinder Premium on my iPhone device

The way to get Tinder premium on a mobile phone with the operating system (iOS) of the iPhone brand. It is the same only that you must do it from the special iPhone store, and the payment will be made from the iPhone application store and thus you can unlock the benefits.

These types of processes do not need to carry out the jailbreak process, which is common in the use of mobile phones with the iOS operating system. Since this is permission granted by the application itself, it makes jailbreaking unnecessary.