Man arrested in China for using ChatGPT to write fake news

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The Chinese authorities arrested a man who allegedly used the ChatGPT artificial intelligence application to write and publish false news about an alleged train accident, in a case without apparent precedent in the Asian giant, which closely monitors dissemination of all kinds. of content on the Internet.

The suspect, identified only by the surname Hong, “took advantage of modern technological methods to fabricate false information and then spread it on social media,” the security bureau of north China’s Gansu province said, according to the report. Bloomberg news agency.

The news, spread in multiple accounts, included information regarding a false accident with nine fatalities and had more than 15,000 views.

According to the authorities, the detainee himself explained that he wanted to obtain money thanks to expanding these texts.

Now, he can be tried for trying to cause public disorder, a crime with penalties of up to five years in prison.

The Chinese government does not allow the use of technologies such as ChatGPT, but users can access them through VPN networks.