Natalie Portman: Leak her powers in Thor: Love and Thunder

Natalie Portman Thor

Everything seems to indicate that by accident the powers of the beautiful actress Natalie Portman in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘ have leaked on the networks, something that without a doubt quickly managed to become a trend.

As expected, the fans of the saga did not go unnoticed, as the powers that Natalie Portman will have in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ are advanced.

On the eve of Natalie Portman’s appearance in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, fans are increasingly eager to see the next installment in the God of Thunder saga on the big screen.

However, it was just a small mistake that seems to have uncovered Jane Foster’s powers.

According to the CinemaComics portal, Foster will have electrical powers, like Thor, however, the difference will be that, based on the comics, she will transform because being part of the deities she can claim the powers, all this while He has end-stage cancer.

This is how in her Goddess state, she will allow her strength, speed, and resistance at the level of her male counterpart, Thor.

However, the detail is that every time he stops being “The Mighty Thor” and returns to his human appearance, cancer will be more and more aggressive.

Taking into account that in the comic she can control matter to a certain degree and, having had contact with the “Aether” in the movies, it is likely that some of this power will manifest in this new installment.

It should be noted that the leak was obtained thanks to some popcorn containers from a popular cinema chain.

On the boat, Foster is seen wielding Mjolnir with electric shocks, for which fans of the saga drew their conclusions.

After this little “mistake”, it would be Taika Waititi’s second film with the God of Thunder; one of the protagonists will be in charge of Natalie Portman, who returns with the character of Jane Foster.

On the other hand, this new film in the franchise will have the particularity of revealing how an ordinary human manages to master the powers of an Asgardian Goddess.