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Do you want to get the most out of your Instagram photos? Get your notepad ready because here is a list of the best photo editing apps for Instagram.

Edit photos for Instagram: Discover the best applications

If you want to stand out on Instagram, you will have to create professional and different photos: if so, you will need some of the best photo editing apps for Instagram.

Do you want your Instagram photos to have a more professional touch? Instagram has nothing more and nothing less than more than 500 million users and, although it is hard to believe, more than 60 million photos are shared daily on it.

And it is that, at first glance,  it seems difficult to attract attention in a social network in which so many images are uploaded and where photographic retouching and filters are the order of the day.

If you want to stand out in an ocean of photographs, the first step is:

  • Use the correct size for your photos, videos and Instagram Stories.
  • Use the best photo editing apps for Instagram.

Photo editing apps on Instagram are growing every day. You can also find applications to organize the wall, gain followers, create original stories, etc.

Here you can see all the Instagram apps in full

Currently, there are a wide variety of applications to edit photos for Instagram that will be your best allies to touch up, create and succeed by positioning your images as dictated by the Instagram algorithm.

You will only need a little ingenuity and your Instagram profile will become one of the most irresistible. 

Take note of all of the best Apps!

Instagram: photo editing apps

You will not need to have experience in photography to take spectacular photos with the applications that we are going to tell you about below. You will be able to retouch your photographs to your liking.

The vast majority of our list of applications is available for both iOS and Android. In addition, almost all of them are free and are divided as follows:

  • Applications to edit photos  and retouch them on Instagram
  • apps to design
  • Photo collage maker apps 

Pay attention to all of them and give free rein to your imagination… Taking professional photos and images without being a photographer will be a piece of cake with these applications.

Applications to edit photos on Instagram and photo retouching 

With these applications, you will have more options to edit and retouch your Instagram photos. In this way, you will not have to stick to the preset filters and you will be able to get the most out of your images.

The Instagram photo editor offers many features but sometimes falls short, so here you have a choice.


Edit images by transforming raw photos into posts for Instagram. With this application available for  Android and iOS you can create collages as well as edit your photos with filters, text, borders or by changing the size of your images.

Vsco: photo editing app

The app #1. This application is, for the vast majority of instagramers, the best photo retouching application. Such is the popularity of this app that brands are fighting to get their own palette of filters in the app.

In addition to its famous filters, it also has standard editing tools, such as; exposure, sharpness, saturation, and grain, among others. It’s free and available for both iOS and Android!

A color storyimage editing app for Instagram 

If you want to enhance the color of your photos, without a doubt this is the editing app you are looking for.

This photo editing application for Instagram manages to enhance whites and contrasts to give images a very personal touch. It is free but only available for iOS.

Snapseed: image editor

It is one of the most recognized and complete editors that you can find today. It is so easy to use that its large number of functions can be summarized in 2 categories; filtering and manual editing.

You can do whatever you want with your photos!

It is also free and you will find it available for both iOS and Android.

Black: app to create fantastic black-and-white images

If you like photos in black and white, and in a retro style, with this Instagram application you will be able to take full advantage of your photos without complications. It has a wide variety of presets that will make your life easier, and its filters are reminiscent of traditional Fuji or Kodak reels.

The only drawback that we take away from this application is that it is paid and is only available for iOS.

Foodie: app for the most cooks and lovers of cooking

Are you one of those who is always taking photos of food? Then this app is perfect for you. It is designed to take photos of dishes and highlight them. It is available for Android and iOS and is totally free.

Enlight: App to edit and create the most original photos

Do you want to have totally different photos? With this photo editor application for Instagram, you will be able to edit your photos and images, giving them originality and sensationalism. Surprise your followers with this peculiar app! Of course, unfortunately, this application is not free, but its price is only €3.99 and it is only for iOS.

Afterlight: Light and photo editing app for Instagram

This application is based on points of light, allowing you to apply more than 20 filters. Apart from this, you can also choose the color intensity, the touch of flashlight, and the color temperatures that you want to give to your photos. This application is available for €1.09 for iOS and Android.

Apps for photos and images for Instagram 

Do you want to go further and add beautiful fonts and vectors to your photos? Take note of the selection of applications to make designs  that we have compiled for you:


This app has been succeeding in recent months thanks to its striking artistic filters. In it, in addition to being able to touch up your photos, you can also give it one of the app’s predefined styles and enjoy the result. We warn you that it is somewhat addictive! It is totally free and accessible for iOS and Android.


If you want to add original shapes to your images, this app is undoubtedly for you. Unlike Over, this application is paid and you can give your Instagram photos a more modern touch. It is only available for iOS.

Studio Design

If the previous 2 have not convinced you, here is another alternative to add texts and shapes to your Instagram photos. This app is much older than previous ones, allowing you to have a huge variety of customizable shapes. It is also free and only for iOS.


Were you already getting frustrated because you have Android and had a crush on the previous Design apps that are only for iOS? Then Quick is for you, because it also allows you to overlay text on your photos and contains a wide selection of fonts and colors.

This tool is perfect if you use your Instagram as a showcase for selling products. It is free, but if you want the company’s watermark to disappear, you have to purchase the paid version of the app.

photo collage app 

Choosing to make your Instagram profile an authentic photographic collage is something that is becoming more and more in trend. So if you are interested in this option, do not lose detail to the following applications to create your own collages on Instagram.


This application is one of the most comfortable ones when it comes to creating a collage. Because? In addition to the fact that it is an app from Instagram itself, the process is very simple.

When you open the app, your entire gallery of images automatically opens. In this way you can generate the template that best suits your photographs and what you are looking for.

Available for iOS and Android.


With this app you have more than 200 ways to create your own photo collages. How is it used? It’s as simple as choosing the type of collage shape you’re interested in and adding the photos within it.

Once you have your images well placed, you can give them your personal touch with texts. That easy! And you can download it on iOS and Android.

Do you prefer to create a mosaic of photos instead of a collage? 

Well, that is an easy solution. You will need to download one of the following applications:

Tile Pic

It is the quintessential iOS app for creating mosaics on Instagram. It is completely free and the result is impressive.


If you have Android, this is the application you need to create your mosaic. It’s also free and best of all, it doesn’t insert the app’s watermark.

Have we left out any photo retouching applications?

Tell us about it and we will add it to the list of applications to edit photos for Instagram.