Best AI Software to Create Images

AI Software to Create Images

Knowing the best AI to create images is just one of the novel solutions that artificial intelligence has to offer. Ok, let’s start by defining:

What is an AI or artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is a type of software created and designed to simulate human thought. AI uses machine learning, which involves training algorithms with massive databases to deliver clear, original, and well-done results.

In short, this type of software does not have “intelligence” as such, that is, it has its own thinking. This is only used to replicate some responses, and behaviors, among others, through the incorporation of information into the system made by humans and taken from the internet, books, etc.

AI imaging software, what are they?

They are computer programs that use learning technology in neural network models to automatically create images. These programs or tools are trained with large amounts of data from real images, and through this, they are used to generate images created by a computer but that look real.

In recent months, AI to create images has gained a lot of popularity, although it is a recent concept. How much can AI offer in this sector? From works of art to an avatar, it is a turn to art and everything related, which perhaps for painters, designers, and other professionals can simplify their work.

How come they can create images from scratch?

If you do not show or provide an image to the computer, obviously it will not be able to understand what you are seeing, now, if you show hundreds of thousands of images of cats, for example, you will be able to teach the AI ​​or this type of software the power to identify them.

So, not only will it be able to recognize most of the images you show them, but it will also be able to create images, depending on what you ask of it. And best of all, the image that it generates will be unique and original, that is, it will not have a copy, because this software creates it for you from scratch.

A powerful tool

Artificial intelligences are advancing rapidly, and the fact is that the power and versatility that they have allows them, or are capable of creating many incredible things such as texts, art, creating or improving images, and any other type of content. In fact, AI has become a powerful and effective tool that has become part of everyday life.

Image-generating AIs create realistic illustrations from users’ written descriptions. The comprehension and execution capacity has evolved so much over time that they are able to deeply understand written language and show perfect images that fit all the descriptions made by the user.

The best AI for creating images makes design possible for everyone, regardless if you have artistic skills or not, you just need to make a good written representation and the AI ​​will show you a great result.

Generating an image that did not exist before from artificial intelligence is no longer a problem, and for many today, creating a high-quality image from scratch is not a good option, and so if with AI you can achieve it.

On the internet, you can find different AIs that can offer you images to generate valuable content, show professional proposals or increase your audience, but the quality of the images and how accurate it is will depend on the program you work with, so it is good to choose one. proper AI. Because? Because not all AI image generators are trained on the same images, so your requests may be interpreted differently.

What are image generation AIs used for?

These imaging tools have different functionalities and uses. The fields that can be covered are communication, advertising, animation, science and medicine, video games, and many more. However, this type of software is not a substitute for graphic designers, painters, or illustrators.

We believe that AI is a complement that simplifies or helps you inspire or design new ideas, based on the understanding of your needs, whether for a website, for a marketing campaign, for the creation of a brand identity, etc.

If you ask an AI to render a logo for you but go into detail about your business goals and values, they probably won’t understand you. AIs that excel follow simple instructions and show good results. For example, if you make a request like “a dog astronaut in a bar”.

Why use them?

For digital art, it is an excellent option because by providing the correct data to the AI, it can generate a work of art for you, so much so that you could create, for example, your own version of the “Mona Lisa” and sell it to whoever you want. buy your art

AIs can help you with posts on social networks. This, in addition to providing value, ingenuity and creativity, also helps you publicize your brand, by creating simple graphics to accompany texts and even identify it with an avatar.

Content on the web that contains images tends to be more responsive, so AI-generated images are great replacements for situations where you would use stock images. Well, it can be difficult to find images that fit what you want to display in your content, so image generators allow you to create them instantly.

If you are a musician, editor or even want to dedicate yourself to designing your own album covers, AI can help you create images of any device, whether they are abstract or have related aspects together, it is all a matter of testing and practicing to improve the results or simply get inspired to generate your own designs.

The integration of AI in web design and marketing is also not a replacement for web design or digital marketing professionals. For blogs and websites, AI is a very useful alternative that can make your business stand out from the competition, and can be a stimulus for you and your audience; And although AIs are not optimized to provide you with web design as such, they can offer you mockups or designs that are not so common but that you can use for inspiration and to think more creatively.

For example, you could consult one of the AIs: “Modern web designs for a candy store” and even request: “Illustrations of the facade of a candy store” and it will show you results according to your request.

Currently, avatars are part of a graphic identification of your brand, therefore, if you want to create one for your website, for your social networks, etc., AI can help you create the image of what you want to represent in an avatar.

It is important to mention that AIs do not take into account aspects such as user experience and usability.

Also, many of the best AIs for creating images are not free, Although some may offer a free trial period, you will most likely have to pay a fee to use them.

In fact, prices may vary in terms of installments, monthly installments or the amount of use you give it, which may include, for example, the number of images generated. It is important that you evaluate the prices and the advantages that they provide you, and if there is a trial period, use it to see how it works for you and if it meets your needs.

What you must be clear about is that AIs provide many alternatives and access to unique images, so in this article, we are going to show you which are the best AIs to create images in the current market.

What indications should I make so that the AI ​​generates an image for me?

First, you must register on the AI ​​platform to create a user account using an email and a password to be able to access it.

In the program, a dialog box will be displayed where from some indications through text that are launched at the “prompt”, the bot will respond with an image that is as similar or approximate to the indications that you gave in the text.

A prompt is a phrase, idea or words that are used as a stimulus in the generation of ideas, imagination and innovation, and are used in graphic design activities, creative writing and other processes.

For example:


full body photo, futuristic samurai full body glamor photo, men, realistic phoenix symbiote, realistic, morbid, dark, highly detailed, octane rendered, wet, dense atmosphere, epic, dramatic, trail camera footage, photorealistic, hyper ornate details, photographed by Irakli Nadar and Reylia Slaby, bokeh, particles, ultra detail

Negative indication/negative prompt:

2 heads, 2 people, wrong hands, extra limbs, extra fingers, fused fingers, missing facial features, low quality, poor quality, poor anatomy, missing limbs, missing fingers, scary, ugly, bad face, bad hands, bad body, bad feet, bad proportions, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, gross proportions, blurry, poorly drawn, text, error, missing fingers, missing arms, long skirt, out of frame, upper body only, lower body only body, low bottom, two heads, child, unclear face, wrong hands, bad light, small colors, no details.

A complete phrase or a simple word! This is what a prompt is like, and you can find them online or you can generate them yourself.

Just as there are prompts, there are also negative prompts which consist of providing the program with a description (prompt) of what you do not want to be generated in the image. Since, when a query is made, artificial intelligence can show you what you requested with variations or aspects that were not included. Therefore, the AI ​​will be prevented from including unwanted elements in the generated image or in the requested text.

It is like making a query, as if you were using a search engine, but more specific so that later the AI ​​shows you one or more images related to your search. So, once you view the images, you can choose which one to use or save, and depending on the tool you use, you can make variations of the same image to see if you can get better results.

The registration and data provided in the AI ​​platforms are private, however, the words used or the prompts, as well as the designs and creations are totally public and can be used by the rest of the users.

What is the best AI for creating images?

It does not matter if you have only heard about or know about some of these tools, at The Market Times we show you a list of the best AI to create images that are most used today.

The 13 Best AIs for Creating Images

MyHeritage AI

It was one of the first known photo AIs, thanks to its popularity on social media such as TikTok.

To use it you must access the website and click on the “Try it now” button. The MyHeritage imager can show you quality and accuracy in your images in anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, but the result will be worth it.

How does it work? You must enter between 10 and 25 photographs of a single person, and automatically, the software will show you a small photo gallery where you can see that person transformed throughout his life, that is, from his childhood, and youth, until seeing him as a old person (elderly).

However, if you want to save any of these generated photos, you will have to pay for each of them, approximately $12.

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia is also available, which is a tool similar to the previous one, but it offers photographs with a retro look or style, that is, it can create images of old people or old people, who have lived in a time when it did not exist yet. the color in the photographs.


It is an independent research laboratory that makes available to its users software that opens new paths to propagate human creativity. They are a small, self-funded team of 11 employees and a team of advisors.

When entering the platform, you can make use of the complete experience that this program offers you or try a demo. But, for any of the cases, it will be necessary to register and access with a Discord account. You can open a Discord account by logging into the Discord website or through the App, confirming an email and entering some information to certify yourself as a user and then enter through the web platform or Midjourney Bot.

In the case of the demo or trial, you will be able to enjoy a limit of approximately 25 images, and once you pass that limit, then you will have to choose one of the monthly rates offered by the software to continue enjoying its use.

When you enter the text of your request, Midjourney will show you approximately 4 image options in a minute, then 2 rows of buttons will appear which you can use to edit the images to your liking or enlarge them.

The quality of images provided by this artificial intelligence is excellent, they are sharp and you can really think that it is real, and it is so much so that some artists have even won awards for the creations they have made.

One of the advantages that Midjourney offers is that since the application works as a bot within a Discord channel, you will be able to view the keywords that are being used for each creation, as well as all the works of the rest of thousands of users.

Jasper is one of the best AI for creating images, in fact, it makes it quick and easy to create content for your blog, social media, website, and more. This AI turns your imagination into unique images and photos in seconds. The result? a perfect image that matches your message.

The images that it shows are of very good quality, just by doing a search in its files it can generate completely original images and it also has editors (simple and advanced) that allow you to make the modifications you want. These publishers offer custom enterprise or basic plans, starting as low as $49.

Images are 2k px high resolution, have commercial use royalty-free, no watermark and have unlimited generation.


Created by Boris Dayma and Pedro Cuenca, Craiyon is an open-source generator that initially had the name “DALL-E mini” making believe that it was related or associated with OpenAI. However, they changed its name, and despite this, it allows you to create images from text, but, compared to other programs, it is a slightly slower but free tool with no use limit.

It is very easy to use, when making your request it is not necessary to describe that you want more than one result because Craiyon offers you 9 images automatically. Its operation and response is better when simple phrases are entered, because it still does not have a great comprehension capacity, that is, it is not as sophisticated as others.

In addition, he comes to understand different languages, but the one he works best with is English. Currently, Craiyon wants to offer a better service, which is why it is increasing the number of servers.

The positive thing about Craiyon is that you can make multiple attempts until you find the image you are looking for.


Dalle-2 is version number 2 of the system created by the OpenAI artificial intelligence research and development company, that is, of the ChatGPT artificial language model.

This program has the ability to analyze a text in depth thanks to its neural system, that is, these neurons can relate a subject, an action and an artistic style in order to generate not one, but multiple answers or options.

Dalle-2 not only shows you improvements in the resolution and quality of the images, but it is also capable of understanding text and has two very useful features such as:

  • Editing: you can incorporate, replace or include new elements or objects, it also provides you with the use of shadows, lights, textures and reflections, among others that would be a good editing experience for users.
  • Versioning: it makes it easier for users to generate new designs from the reinterpretation of others already created, in which you can vary aspects such as perspectives, angles, etc.

It is a very simple and intuitive AI to use, you just have to enter the platform with a name, email, and phone number and verify your account to gain access. Then, you can give as many details as you can and write them down so that when you click on the “Generate” button, Dalle-2 will show you 4 different, very realistic and never-before-seen images.

You can also enlarge and reduce images without losing quality. Of course, during the first month, each user has up to 50 credits to use the tool, and receives another 15 credits each month, Then to continue enjoying its functions, they must continue buying. is one of the best AI that makes use of deep learning technology to create images. This tool is very effective for those who want to create quality images without technical or graphic design skills.

To make use of this AI, you must register on its website, and when creating the account, access the platform’s Discord server for technical support and information to then start creating images in no time.

With you can experiment with different effects and visual styles, and use prompts or creative challenges for inspiration and creativity.

You can also make creations from images that you use as input or guide, it shows you the number of images that you want it to generate, dimension, orientation scale, among other aspects.


It is one of the easiest to use AI to create images, and generates realistic, high-quality images regardless of whether it is for your social networks, website or other purpose.

This program uses deep learning and latent diffusion maps (Stable Diffusion) that model is used so that it can be used for different tasks such as:

  • The generation of image-to-image translations guided by text messages
  • Image enhancement (run through the editor and give your images your personal touch)

You can control the quality, diversity, and style of the generated images by adjusting the description and rerunning the model.

Likewise, you can view the outstanding and recently made creations, in turn, it offers you 5 free credits so that you can test the software without having to register on its website.

Stable Diffusion Web

It is based on the same Stable Diffusion model as well as the Dreamstudio software. But, this is a free tool and you are also not required or required to register or create an account to use it.

This platform, unlike others, does not save the images you generate or the texts you enter, nor your personal information. However, if you want to share or save your creations with the community, then you’ll need to create a Hugging Face profile.

This AI by default generates 4 images from the prompt you enter, it is fast, because in a matter of seconds, it has the results. You can choose if you want the results to be illustrations, characters, science fiction, animated, 3D, among others.

It is not as precise and advanced as the others, but it generates good results.

dream studio

Created by Stability AI, it is one of the best AI for creating images formed by more than 20 thousand developers. Like the previous two, Dreamstudio is also based on the Stable Diffusion model of open-source image generation.

However, it differs from the others in two things:

  1. Anyone can enter this AI starting with a first free trial, therefore, once this modality is exhausted, then you must pay a minimum recharge to continue using it. In addition, the images that are created are made under a license that allows them to be used commercially and non-commercially.
  2. It is not a closed model, and it allows users to contribute improvements and make public reviews that enhance and advance this software.

Some of the parameters that you can adjust or modify in this AI are, for example, the width and height of the image, number of generated images, cfg scale (degree of similarity between your description and the final image), among others.

For free images, they offer you a credit consumption, which, depending on the configuration, will consume more or less image credits.

Dream by WOMBO

It is an artificial intelligence application developed by WOMBO, which won the Google Play Best Application award in 2022. It is a mobile app where you can create your images and by entering your parameters, you can choose between different design styles and if you don’t want to use it on your mobile, then you will have the option of running it on a desktop/computer version as well.

Free access is limited, but with subscriptions ranging from $90 to $170, you can enjoy a lifetime license and the most convenient thing is that you can take this AI on your mobile.


Like all AIs, to make use of Lexica art you have to ask it through the prompts what you want it to create for you in images. This AI imaging tool also works with the Stable Diffusion Finder.

This AI will create a feed of a large number of images according to your request. If you like an image, you just have to click on the image (in the magnifying glass that appears over it) to create a new feed with more similar images, thus further refining your search.


Developed by Adobe, this image-generating AI is still in its beta phase and in order to make use of it, you will have to sign up for a waiting list, fill out a form and wait for the application to be approved. To do this, you must have an Adobe account and be over 18 years of age.

In collaboration with NVIDIA (an American technology company specializing in the creation of graphical thinking units), this software has been trained by an open license data set and Adobe Stock. In this way, copyright problems are guaranteed and avoided.

Making use of this AI is very easy, since it generates images from a sketch created by the user or from a description (prompt). In it, you can select image composition, styles, color, lighting, and other options.

Creating works from scratch is an option with Firefly, but you can also add objects, enlarge the image, etc. to show a harmonic image. One of the great advantages, unlike other software, is that it can be used in video editing, that is, you can modify 3D modeling, create vectors, text effects, among others.

At the moment, Firefly works through a web application, however, Adobe hopes to integrate it into its ecosystem soon, as are Adobe Express, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.

Hotpot (AI Art Maker)

Hotpot is a software for graphic design, writing and editing that brings together various solutions and artificial intelligence assistants.

With Hotpot you can create designs, compositions and images through attractive and simple templates that facilitate creation and editing. AI Art Maker is one of its tools, the image generator that works very similar to the rest of the software explained above.

That is, you enter your descriptive text (prompt) and the program will generate the requested image and make adjustments such as choosing the size, style, among others, if you want a very specific result.

With this AI the results are a bit simpler and it takes a bit longer to create the images. In fact, it can take between 1 or more hours if there is a lot of web traffic, but the average waiting time is 20 seconds to 2 minutes.

If you buy credits, it not only allows you to make commercial use of the images you create but also increases the loading speed of the results. Purchase options offer payment plans that can be one-off, monthly, and even yearly.


It was created in 2019 by Angus Russell, and over time it has been perfected to currently have approximately 5 million users. The name derives from the work “The night coffee” by Vincent Van Gogh.

Its operation is given from the entry of the descriptive text to generate consistent images, as well as the previous ones, but, it offers a good printing option as an additional service, that is, you can print the work that you and Nightcafe have designed.

Credits will be deducted for each image you generate, and the platform offers you 5 free credits. In addition, you can share it so that other users can be inspired.

It has an editor to have more control of the image and it is also available in a mobile application.


AIs are great tools that help you simplify some jobs and aspects related to image design and creation. If you put it into practice and take a look at each of the options that we show you above and practice with them, you will see how little by little you will become a master and you will obtain good results. Take advantage of this technological age with AI and test your creativity.