How does TikTok advertising work?

TikTok Advertising

Do you want to know how TikTok advertising works? Here you will find all the necessary information so that you can advertise on this social network.

TikTok has become one of the most famous and used social networks at this time. And it is that, we were all surprised by the popularity it achieved, even beating platforms like Instagram.

It was created in 2016 by the Chinese company ByteDance under the name Douyin (“Shake the music”), and it was not until 2018 that it merged with to become available in the rest of the world.

However, it was not long before it was already super well known and, by September of this year, it became one of the five most downloaded applications in the world. It has 58.1 million downloads per month, while platforms like Instagram remain with around 36.4 million.

This time we will tell you a little about this very successful platform, as well as the important role that advertising plays within it. Let’s start by explaining the basics.

What is TikTok?

As we saw in the previous paragraphs, TikTok had its launch in China under the name Douyin. However, when it is released to the entire world it is called TikTok. Now, in itself, what is TikTok? TikTok is a platform or social network that is based on the interaction of its users through small videos or music clips that are shared by them.

Like most networks, its users are divided between the so-called “ content creators ” and the so-called “ viewers ”.

On the other hand, you also have the option for your users to interact through comments and personal or private chats.

It was developed in only 200 days and has exceeded 130 million users. That is why we say that its popularity grew incredibly, growing surprisingly fast.

 What is TikTok for?

TikTok has features like followers and following system, as well as a messaging system, friends list, and more.

However, the main function of TikTok is to create and upload videos. This allows you to edit, add effects, add music or special sounds, and use filters, among others for the sole purpose of making and uploading funny videos, or videos that are of interest to users, with a maximum duration of 3 minutes (depending on the most recent update).

Of course, this platform has such a simple design that it can be used by anyone, hence the great diversity of users who create content. Some would say that it bears a strong resemblance to Instagram, with the difference that TikTok is solely focused on videos.

Users on TikTok

It is a T-rated app, which means that it contains content that is suitable for ages 13 and up. However, it can be seen that many users are under the respective age and there are a few who, accompanied and supervised by their parents, also make use of it.

Although there are all kinds of users with different ages and content, the vast majority of those who live on TikTok are young people under 20 years of age. This is how it has become the third most used application among young Americans.

Because TikTok allows its users the ease of creating, editing, and sharing short videos, many have made use of it. Although the viewer population is larger than the content creator population, without a doubt, we are under a social network that stores endless content.

From users dancing and singing trendy songs, to users who have professional careers, such as Doctors or Psychologists, giving important tips to their audience. We also observe extraordinary artists such as painters, cartoonists, makeup artists, singers, writers, among others.

However, we all enjoy watching funny videos that make us laugh from time to time.

Another point that we can highlight is the popularity of the challenges, created by users, called Challenges. This is how the challenges are proposed under a special label or Hashtag and those users who decide to do so will use the same label.

The bad side of TikTok

Like everything in life, TikTok does not escape criticism.

Precisely because it is a platform with a large capacity for diverse content, it not only stores positive things, for example, when we find a considerable number of children who use this application behaving in a sexually suggestive or insinuating way.

On the other hand, the owners of said application have been accused on several occasions of sharing user data with the Chinese government. Which is a bit scary, don’t you think? However, the company has put a lot of effort into denying this accusation. But what could we believe?

Another point that stands out is the inability to issue critical content or comments against the Chinese government due to the possible censorship that the user would receive. I don’t think it’s very impartial on your part…

Like all social networks, it has a large percentage of danger due to virtual predators, which is why the biggest criticism of TikTok is about its sexualized content that has become popular among minors. However, it is the responsibility of parents to control the content that their children could view on the internet and social networks.

Why has TikTok become so popular?

Thanks to the constant growth and participation of users, TikTok has been gaining popularity. This is how we now find a considerable presence of adults, who are between their 30s and 40s, using this application on a daily basis.

With the arrival of the Covid-19 and the pandemic, for many, TikTok was considered an escape from their worries and the possibility of being able to laugh for a while with small clips at their fingertips. Many started using TikTok to combat boredom and anxiety caused by being cooped up at home.

Also, several began to share their knowledge and talents, which greatly attracted the attention of users, who shared the videos they liked with the respective TikTok logo on the rest of their social networks, being an indirect mechanism. advertising for TikTok.

So we could say that thanks to the times in which we find ourselves and the very simple design of TikTok, the population has received it in the best possible way and does not intend to release it. TikTok will continue to grow, according to statistics. We are at a time in history where the population views social networks with a more open mind and, little by little, they lose their fear, encouraging themselves to use them to a large extent.

All these characteristics have led to the success of TikTok, becoming the first network to reach one billion followers in no time.

Why use TikTok?

If you like social interaction through videos, this app is for you.

The TikTok algorithm is based on the tastes of the users, this is how, by liking some content, or by following a specific user, data is collected on the interests that the person may have. Therefore, TikTok would take care of showing you the content that attracts you.

On the other hand, we can mention the possibility of publicizing your brand. Many entrepreneurs make use of this application to make their products and/or services known to the rest of the users. Hence, we find endless videos on how they package their products or the so-called Storytimes of situations they have had to endure with disrespectful customers. The latter is one of the favorites and most viewed by curious users.

And it is that TikTok is based on the interaction that users have with your content, if this is fast and positive you will find yourself with the opportunity to obtain more views.

It’s a social network that you can get a lot out of if you know how to use it and, guess what, it’s not hard to learn that!

What can you use TikTok for?

Here is a list of things you can do on TikTok.

  • Watch videos

The main action you can do on TikTok is to watch videos of different kinds and times by simply sliding your finger on the screen. It has a lighter content than TV and can be enjoyed after a few seconds.

  • Share videos

Another advantageous action is to share the videos you like on other social networks, or simply share them with your cell phone gallery and applications like Google Drive with the intention of keeping the videos you want. This option will be possible, as long as the user who created the video has the “download” option activated. However, few people disable this action.

  • create videos

TikTok’s versatile and easy-to-use design allows its users to create videos that are 15 seconds to 3 minutes long. In which they will be able to choose between different filters and effects that the application makes available to them. The videos you create can be anything you like, from sewing tips to Storytimes of how you ended up under a bridge. Just so you can imagine the diversity of content that exists on said platform.

  • Edit videos

With basic editing functions, it allows you to create videos from slider images, as well as joining and synchronizing multiple videos. You can also apply different filters or effects on your own when editing.

  • follow and be followed

Although the part of being followed could cause you fear, we are not referring to the persecution that you could have by some thieves in an alley.

TikTok has a system of followers and followers, like many social networks, because it is based on the preferences of its users to be able to recommend content to them. That is why when registering, TikTok shows a series of categories that the new user must select, in order to collect data about their tastes.

However, TikTok continues to show its users, from time to time, diverse content in order not to become repetitive and cause a limiting user experience.

  • Like and comment

The most used ways to interact with content creators are likes and comments. These are also data that TikTok collects to better understand the tastes and interests of its users. You will be able to make comments as long as the creator user has this option enabled.

  • Send messages

TikTok also has a messaging system for those users who want to interact more privately, it works like any other type of instant messaging.

  • Advertise

Large companies use TikTok For Business with the intention of reaching lucrative user groups. However, this is not the only way to advertise on this app.

You can also reply to comments with videos, reply to videos with videos, make duets, and make friends who have similar tastes to yours, among others.

How is advertising linked to TikTok?

Now, let’s get into the subject for which you are here: advertising on TikTok.

First of all, what is advertising? We would say that advertising is that form of written, auditory or visual communication that seeks the public dissemination of a product and/or service with the intention of persuading the consumer to carry out a specific action such as the purchase, acquisition or use of said products.

Advertising on TikTok has its beginnings shortly after its global launch, in 2018. It began with an announcement about the GrubHub service, an American platform that is responsible for managing online food orders, and lasted just 5 seconds.

After a while, TikTok began to offer a service focused on companies that is characterized by offering tools for Digital MarketingTikTok For Business. Which promised to help them have more possibilities of recognition, connect more directly with their target audience and give their brand more credibility.

Giving companies certain characteristics for the creation of visually persuasive ads and the opportunity to create unique campaigns that generate a greater impact on their users.

The advertising of many companies has made its way on TikTok due to the rapid growth that this platform has obtained. This is how it has become an ideal option to apply Digital Marketing, devising campaigns that are successful thanks to the popularity of the app.

However, many choose to become content creators and advertise their products and/or services due to the high costs involved in creating ad campaigns on TikTok. The cost of a lower-rank campaign can be around $50 per day. That is why TikTok For Business is much more used by big companies like Disney.

Advertising has had a great link with TikTok because of the great reach that this application has had, because of the type of interaction that its users have and because of the impact that advertising can have on its users.

How does TikTok advertising work?

Now yes, let’s talk about how advertising works on TikTok. This is performed, mainly, thanks to TikTok For Business. TikTok’s comprehensive platform provides you with Digital Marketing solutions, such as creating ads.

This operates with different types or formats of advertising that brands or companies use to reach an increasingly large population.

Between them, we have:

  • Biddable Ads

They are configured by what is called ” bids ” or according to the advertising spaces that are available. They are segmented by geographic location, age and gender. They are displayed in the main Feed and are classified into:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost per thousand (CPM)
  • Cost Per View (CPV)
  • Band Takeover

This was the first type of advertising to appear on TikTok in 2020. It is about the appearance of a certain ad when opening the application. This advert appears full screen, is one of the most expensive types of adverts, and can last up to 60 seconds.

The investment cost of implementing this type of advertising could be between $50,000 and $100,000.

  • Hashtag Challenge

As you can imagine, this type of advertising is based on virtualizing a certain label that proposes to users that they carry out a challengeIt is then that users create quality content and participate with the determined Hashtag. Soon, the campaign goes viral thanks to all those users who completed the challenge.

Encourage users to create content that a specific brand requests. The interesting thing is that, although it is the users who generate the content, a large investment is needed by the company to carry it out and it would be around $150,000.

  • How does tiktok advertising work with Branded Lenses?

With this type or format of advertising, the brand or company creates filters or effects of the RA (Augmented Reality) type. The users of the application will decide if they want to apply them when creating their content. By incorporating these types of filters created by companies, they gain visibility, greater reach and impact.

They are effects that have the brand of the company and that give as a final product, quality content created by users with advertising for the entity.

We know that both medium and small companies cannot afford this type of advertising due to its high cost. However, knowing the short but successful history of TikTok, we can expect that a section with more affordable prices will be created very soon for that community of entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

How does a TikTok For Business campaign work?

Since we know much better what TikTok advertising entails and the formats that are part of it, let’s talk about how advertising campaigns work on TikTok For Business.

The main thing is to create an account in this space to be able to use your service.

  • Sign up for TikTok For Business

It is necessary for the company, entity or brand to create an account in this place with the intention of being able to access the ad manager of the app. At that time, only a form with the basic information requested to create an account will be filled out.

  • Create an advertising campaign

For this, you will also have to provide some information about your objective with the campaign, the budget it will have and all the adjustments that are available and you see relevant.

  • Provides information about locations and audience

In order to reach your target audience directly, you will need to provide some type of placement where you prefer your ads to be displayed. Choosing the audience that will see your content is also of the utmost importance. On the other hand, you can choose between being announced in the TikTok Stories or in the main Feed . In addition, you will have the option to advertise on platforms that are linked to TikTok, such as News Republic or Vigo Video.

Another option is to let TikTok choose or determine the location in which it considers best the publication of your ads.

In this section you must also add details such as names, URL’s, categories, among others. You will be able to give TikTok enough information to reach the audience that best suits you.

  • Manage your ad spend, duration, and goals

At this point, you will have to choose the budget that you can spend on ads. It is time for you to program and adjust them according to the proposed objectives.

You will be able to choose the duration of your campaign and manipulate the days in which it will run.

Also, in this segment, you will determine your objectives through key metrics that you want to achieve.

  • Take advantage of the TikTok Video Creation Kit

The Video Creation Kit offers you more than 300 options for the music that your ad will contain as well as a huge and varied number of templates that will help you create extraordinary ads with images or videos. This does not mean that you will not be able to create ads outside of this application, however, we invite you to make use of it and take advantage of all the tools it offers you.

  • Remember to optimize your ads

Incorporate a single Call to action (call to action) in your ads to ensure that the user is clear what to do and is not confused by different requests.

Try to mention the most important thing in your ads, the main ideas. Set yourself the goal of conveying what you need in less than 80 characters.

Use all the tools you consider necessary to optimize your videos, where you can make use of the most relevant ideas you have for your ads and make combinations between them in order to choose the best option.

If you have the resources to pay for the advertising campaigns that TikTok offers you, these tips will guide you to do it correctly:

  • Choose a target audience

When you focus on one type of target audience, it is much easier to devise campaigns that focus on them. Remember that most of the users on TikTok are between the ages of 16 and 24.

  • Generate interesting and different content

By creating quality content that possesses a touch of wit, creativity, and dynamism, you ensure success on TikTok. Users expect interaction in this medium to be spontaneous and fun. So, think very carefully about the type of content you will generate and, do not go down the easy and repetitive path that many decide to take.

  • Plan your content

Remember why and what your advertising campaigns are for. Your ads must be spontaneous, creative, ingenious, but directed where? Your goal is to advertise your brand, your products and/or services, so plan content that matches your interests. To achieve success, planning is a fundamental basis.

  • Create challenges or creative challenges

If at any time you have used TikTok, you have been able to observe the popularity of the so-called Trends that, almost always, are due to a Challenge. So take advantage of this and implement new Hashtag’s and Trends that encourage your audience to create content using your brand’s label. With this, you will achieve greater recognition thanks to the large number of views you can get.

Although not everyone can make use of TikTok advertising, we cannot deny that it has great opportunities for companies. It provides them with massive recognition options, as well as the tools to better connect and interact with their target audience. We can only hope that with the new updates of TikTok For Business better pricing options will be given to small businesses that also want to grow.

Is paid advertising the only one on TikTok?

Paying for an ad campaign on TikTok is not the only way to advertise on this network, so don’t panic.

Another way to make your small business known is by creating an account dedicated to your business line. In that account, you should be in charge of generating content related to your brand in order to obtain greater recognition on a social level.

The disadvantage of this method is that everything will be left to the TikTok algorithm, which does not guarantee anything. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to grow, it just means that you will need to invest much more time, dedication and perseverance. It will be a slow process for most, but not impossible.

Make sure to create clean videos, that is, good quality videos that are attractive but do not overflow with details that make users uncomfortable. Also, use the Hashtags that are trending to try to viralize your content. Ask your friends and family to follow you on this network, to share your videos and, above all, be patient.

Without a doubt, TikTok is a tool that can be greatly benefited.