Online Jobs for Students

Online Jobs for Students

Studying and working is a situation that most have had to face. Now that we are facing the great opportunities that the virtual world offers us, it is common to find students who are also dedicated to working online.

Some assume this commitment in addition to performing part-time face-to-face work. Students are the future and, in the meantime, they must find the means to resist and achieve the personal, work and professional growth they so desire.

Also, it’s no secret to anyone that being a student is some kind of low-paid job. In your reward will be the long-awaited title or diploma. But while you’re doing everything you can to reach that goal, you still have to spend money on transportation, food, books, educational materials, and more.

Therefore, if you are a student interested in knowing how to work online, here we leave you:

10 Most Popular Online Student Job Options.

Tutor or adviser

Being a tutor applies to those who master a specific subject and have the ability to transmit their knowledge to others. In this case, you would be an online tutor, you would give advice and private classes to other students with the possibility of paying for your teachings.

Depending on the topics you handle, you can teach different types of people or audiences. From students like you, to children, adolescents or adults who want to reinforce their knowledge and academic or professional training. If you know any language, you could also teach it. Everything will depend on what you know and want to teach. For this job you will only need a computer with a camera and an account on a platform that allows video calls, such as Skype or Zoom.

In this way, you can start teaching your classes online. You can access platforms where you can sell your advice, be a personal tutor for specific people or have a kind of audience.

For example, SkimaTalk, Udemy, Khan Academy, Verbling (language classes), Classgap and Teachlr, are some of the platforms designed for this type of work.

The positives of being a tutor?

You are the one who sets the rules. You are the tutor, the one who teaches and, therefore, the one who decides how to impart your knowledge. This does not mean that you will become a dictator of your advisories, but it does mean that you will have more control over how you carry out your classes. Choose your hours at your convenience

and to whom to share your knowledge, are an example of the decisions that depend on you. Also, no one will tell you what to teach, it will only be you who decides what to teach, when, how and from where to do it.

The downside of being a tutor?

It’s not that easy to get clients online who are willing to pay you to learn. And it’s not that there aren’t people who want to learn what you’re about to teach, but rather, it’s something that has to do with reach and publicity.

Reaching the right customers is not always easy. On the other hand, there is never a shortage of picky students who complain about your advisories and keep mentioning that they need something. The bad thing about being a tutor could lie in the interaction that would exist with certain types of people, such as know-it-alls, those who do nothing and those who think that you are responsible for their not learning.

virtual assistant

Due to the pandemic, virtual assistants are currently in high demand. Since this profile manages to have a more direct connection with customers, both companies and personal brands request people to provide them with this service.

In this way, they manage to have people in charge of managing agendas, sending information of interest to customers, active communication with suppliers and customers, and quick response to calls, emails, and messages, among others.

To be a virtual assistant it is necessary to have certain qualities, such as:

  • Be proactive, productive and organized,
  • Collect, manage and administer information in an appropriate way,
  • Maintain good relationships and communication with customers

Some of the platforms that you can consider to carry out this job are: Zirtual, FlexJobs, Asistademy, 24/7 Virtual Assistant.

The good thing about being a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant performs his work remotely, so it is possible to work from the comfort of your home. Something that catches the attention of many and that is why they decide to look for jobs online. On the other hand, there is a great demand for this profile. So it will be enough for you to do a few searches to find someone who requires your services.

Of course, you must be smart and accept only those jobs that suit you. After all, you are a student and most of your time is already committed to your classes.

The bad thing about being a virtual assistant?

Most of the jobs where a virtual assistant is requested require compliance with a certain working day. Something that is not very advantageous if you are studying. On the other hand, being a virtual assistant requires time and having the ability to do a wide variety of jobs.

In addition to this, there are companies that request people who have prior knowledge such as mastering certain programs, so if you do not know the subject, it is most likely that they will not accept you.

Language translator

If you have knowledge of a language, in addition to giving private classes online, you can offer your services as a translator. Regardless of the language, you can search for interested people who need to translate from one language to another. Despite the fact that there are translators like Google, artificial intelligence has still not been able to adequately translate texts according to context.

For this reason, sometimes, the essence of the message is lost due to literal translations that ignore puns, some specific phrases, among others. However, as you know, the most requested thing is to translate from English to another language, such as Spanish or Chinese. Also, there is quite a demand for translators now for languages ​​such as Italian, Portuguese and French.

Some of the platforms that you can consider to carry out this work are: Gengo and Tomedes. 

Advantages of working as a translator

It is a job that you can exercise independently, so you can set a work schedule that best suits your needs. Also, translating from one language to another will help you gain more fluency, it will be a kind of experience from which you can learn a lot.

In addition to this, if translating is something you are passionate about, you will be able to work enthusiastically and dedicatedly. This will allow you to perform better and reduce stress.

This work is also capable of opening many other doors for you. There are people who are looking for bilingual workers to provide their services. If you come across any of these and perform with excellence, you can be promoted and have better job opportunities within your reach.

Disadvantages of working as a translator

Some do not value your work, because they think they could get the same result as using Google translate. But, as we already mentioned, translation also needs context, adaptation, and localization in order to convey a message properly.

Another disadvantage is, without a doubt, the urgent translations that some clients expect you to have ready in less than 30 minutes, as if you were a machine. Of course, this type of work must be charged with a higher price than usual, however, it is still tedious and stressful to spend time on jobs in which you are underestimated.


Being a proofreader is a great option for those who have knowledge about spelling and grammar. This job is in high demand, from blog post proofreading to research paper proofreading and much more.

The proofreader is in charge of correcting not only misspellings in a text, but also in charge of shaping it and making sure that the information to be transmitted is written correctly and, above all, coherent. For this job, you will not need much more than good previous academic training, a computer and a good internet connection.

In this way, you will be ready to look for the opportunities you need. There are several platforms that are responsible for recruiting proofreaders and then assigning them to certain companies or personal brands. As well as platforms where you can opt for specific correction jobs. However, it is advisable to connect directly with the client to offer your services.

What are the pros of being a concealer?

It is a simple job and its difficulty will lie in the number of texts that you must correct. Of course, this will also depend on the spelling errors that the author of the texts may make. However, you do not need to have complex knowledge. If you have a good basic background in spelling and grammar you will be able to play this role in a great way. Of course, you must be open to continuing learning and have the willingness to continue acquiring more and more knowledge.

What are the cons of acting as a proofreader?

As with some of the jobs mentioned, some clients tend to look down on your work, take away your credit, and therefore want to pay less. In addition, since it is difficult to get clients at first, many end up feeling tied to jobs that do not satisfy them either economically or in their professional development.

On the other hand, the platforms where proofreaders are recruited tend to exploit their users and offer minimal payments for large amounts of work. For this reason, it is advisable to connect directly with the client, however, if you do not have the appropriate advertising media, this ends up being a bit complex.

copy editor

Writing texts is another highly requested job in the virtual world, be it for writing academic papers or blog articles.

This work is based on writing a certain number of words on the subject that is assigned to you. There are many specialized writers who focus on specific niches, as well as others who choose to investigate the topics they are requested to do.

On the other hand, we also find editors who direct their content towards the so important SEO Positioning, as long as their content is not only of quality but also manages to be one of the first on the web.

Being a writer is a good option for those who like to write and have no problem with researching, learning and translating their ideas into text formats.

For example,  Upwork, Publisuites, Textbroker, Iwriter and Fiverr, are some of the platforms designed for this type of work. There are also: Findablogger, Trabajofreelance, Hipertextual, BlogsFarm, Blogger Jobs, CopyBlogger Job Board, and Freelance Writing Jobs.

Striking characteristics of being a copywriter

It is a job to which you can dedicate the hours that you decide. Although there are some positions in which it is required to comply with a work schedule, there is a large number that do not have a working day. Therefore it is flexible.

In addition, feedback is present, so it is very difficult for you to write about something and not stay with some teaching. On the other hand, as we already mentioned, it is an incredible option for people who like to write, since that is what this work is based on.

The unattractive thing about working as a copywriter?

Although it is a great option for those who like to write, many do not like the topics they are assigned.

For others, it ends up being tedious and stressful having to meet a certain number of words. At the same time, they don’t get good job offers and end up accepting proposals that don’t fully convince them. In addition, in some countries, writing is not paid adequately. What results in many accepting this type of work to generate extra income and not as their main job.


Dropshipping is a different option than you might have thought when searching for student jobs online. However, it can be a great option if you use it the right way. Dropshipping is a business model that is based on acting as an intermediary between the buyers of the products and their manufacturers.

In this sense, it is a kind of system in which a company can operate without having to have an inventory. Instead, it is about the creation of a kind of virtual store that will only be in charge of receiving orders and managing everything related to payments.

In this way, you would be in charge of receiving orders and sending them to the supplier, who will be responsible for complying with the preparation, shipment and delivery of the products. As a result of this, you will receive a kind of commission for serving as an intermediary in the purchase process of a certain client.

Effective Features of Dropshipping

For this type of business you will not need to make any investment for inventory, since the supplier of the products is in charge of that. In addition, you do not run any type of risk that you could submit if you had to manage your own inventory.

Also, you will have access to a stock considered “infinite”. With the possibility of offering your customers a wide variety of products. You will be able to choose which products to offer and be prepared to grow at any pace.

The bad thing about Dropshipping?

Although you should not invest in inventory, you must do it for the creation of the virtual store. Only then will your customers have a place to go to place their orders. Another disadvantage is that with Dropshipping you will have a lower profit margin, which is usually between 5 and 25%. Of course, this is because you will only be in charge of receiving orders and managing the payment.

In addition, it is difficult to find suppliers that deserve your trust, and it also depends on the product you want to sell. Since, if it is a rare product, it will be much more difficult to find a good supplier.

If you are a student, but you have knowledge in the management of social networks, you can act as their administrator. Activities include, for example:

  • Create posts
  • Take photos
  • create charts
  • reply comments
  • Interact with other brands

Managing and managing social networks is a well-paid and serious job, especially if your work generates traffic and sales for the account, store or company you work for.

ebook writer

Currently, many companies that sell different products require creators of info products, this means that if you are specialized in a specific topic, such as tourism, fashion, fitness, video games or another, you can create an “info product”. from scratch and then digitize and market it.

That is, you work to sell your knowledge too, and it is one of the most profitable today. In this type of work, it is not a matter of writing something to do it quickly or to get by, the idea is to satisfy a need, solve a problem, instruct, educate or guide the consumer so that these products can be consumed massive way.

voice over

Currently, there are many companies and brands requesting this online service. If you have a good voice, you could consider this option, since working as Voice Over gives you the possibility to do it from your home and you are practically your own source and work tool.

It is about reading and recording scripts or some formats that the company provides you would work for. As well as advertising guidelines, podcast curtains, and program introductions, among others.

In the same way, you can record guided meditations, narrate books, record books, news, there really is a lot of content that could be transformed from text to audio.

It is recommended that you have a good recording device (phone, microphone) to obtain good audio, avoid echoes, external noise, that is, it does not affect the sound quality.

Some of the platforms to work in this area that you can review are: BunnyStudio, Voices or Voices123.

E-commerce store creator

Online businesses today offer great job opportunities to students, and to anyone for that matter. With the creation of an online store you can sell products through the web, and you can carry out activities such as distribution logistics, payments, inventory, customer service, among others.

You can work for a specific store or you can even create your own business and work on it remotely, and as a student you don’t want a large investment to start.

Some of the platforms that you can use to carry out this type of work is, for example:  Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Wix, BigCommerce.

Learn from them and choose the best one that suits you and offer your services to stores that have not yet uploaded their products to the web.

In conclusion

There are different options to work online when you are a student. They all have their pros and cons and it will be up to you to decide which one best suits your needs and abilities. However, the digital world continues to grow and with it the opportunities to get better jobs online.