How to make money online, methods that work

Earn Money Online

If you have come this far, it is because you are looking for information on how to make money online, earn safe money or earn money without investing and I have to tell you that this is only a small part of what exists on the net to obtain extra income.

Before you continue reading I would like to clarify that I do not want to sell you anything, I do not offer you any paid courses and I do not want to deceive anyone, I only offer truthful information about the free pages that have worked for me.

I would also like to clarify that they work well for me, but possibly not so much for you, I am only in charge of offering information on the best methods to earn money online and you will have to look for the one or those that work best for you, do you dare?

Can you make money online?

Of course, it can! Anyone with Internet access can start earning real money. You will start earning pennies but I warn you that you will get hooked when you manage to get your first payment.

In fact, what motivated me the most when I started out in this world was the payment vouchers that I saw online and I thought “one day I’ll be the one to get those benefits.”

Wait wait! Do you want to earn money with little effort? Well, then this is not your site. If you are looking for ways to earn money illegally here you will not find any of that.

How to start earning money online

Probably all the results you have found are misleading ads that try to get it into your head that you can earn 300 euros (or dollars) in one day with little effort and many surfers believe it!

I’m sorry to tell you that 99% do not tell the truth and omit valuable information for the reader and that is that all of them are going to ask you for money to start earning it.

Most of the methods I present below have been tested in the first person. Some have worked for me and others not so much since they condition various factors such as the country, the work method, the individual profile, etc.

In short, I am going to show you the best ideas to earn money without working, you just have to explore the ones you like the most and you can enroll in all the ones you want or can.

Earn real money with methods that work

Many people continue to doubt the veracity to earn money online and it is normal since there are many scams on the net. Here is a list of the best ways to generate profits online for free.

Above you can quickly view the preferred ways to earn money online by users, due to its ease of working from any country and the simplicity to charge. Now we detail what each method consists of, read carefully:

Paid online surveys

The general operation of each website is very simple and they have something in common, they pay for each completed survey. We just have to register using an email, fill out our profile and wait for the surveys to arrive. Normally we can request payments from low amounts between $2 and $10 so it will be easy to get our first payment (and many more). Pollsters usually pay through Paypal, or checks to spend in stores. In this list, you can find the best pages of the moment. 

Online games and minigames

Earning money for playing is one of the favorite options of many people since points are accumulated for playing, which can be exchanged for money, gift vouchers or physical prizes such as smartphones, video games and much more. There are several pages in which points can be exchanged for money and the best of all is that they are totally free. We can find apps and websites with fun minigames, strategy games, trivials and the typical Martian games of our childhood. Best of all, now having fun is paid for.

Ads and paid advertising

What if I told you that there are companies that pay for you to see advertising? How many times have you swallowed ads without receiving anything in return? Well, you are in luck as it is a very simple way to earn money. Advertisers invest money in advertising that will be exposed every day and we will earn money for seeing it. Each ad is usually paid at $0.001- $0.01, however, the amounts may increase if you purchase memberships or depending on the day more or fewer ads may appear. 

Tasks and microtask online

Doing homework and earning money is a dynamic way to generate income. It involves completing simple jobs or “errands” over the Internet or going to local businesses to complete studies. These types of apps offer more than one way to earn money and that is what users like. They are usually clicks, offers, registrations, taking photos, categorizing images, going to supermarkets and taking pictures and much more. It is the free section that offers the most money but has a limited offer.

Apps to earn money

With the proliferation of the Internet and especially with social networks, a new way of generating income has emerged. It is possible to earn money with the mobile thanks that we can do the tasks from anywhere without having to be at home. There are many and very varied apps, in some you earn money by watching ads, downloading and testing other applications and in others you even earn money BY DOING NOTHING, simply by having them installed, it sounds good, doesn’t it?

Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies

Today it is almost impossible that you have not heard anything about the term Bitcoin, a virtual currency with which you can already buy in physical establishments and online and even exchange them for real money. The main advantage of having cryptocurrencies is that it does not require special knowledge, you just have to know that it can be exchanged for FIAT money. I know more than one person who has regretted not having entered this world earlier but you know that it is never too late.

Other ways to earn extra money

As new technologies advance, new ways to earn online income appear, proof of this is the following methods that until recently did not exist.

Cashback or money for buying online

Cashback pages or what is the same “money back”, pay us to buy both in physical stores and online, although most refunds are offered online. What if I told you that you can earn money every time you order a pizza? It seems like a joke but it is. Money is also received every time we make the monthly purchase in large supermarkets when we book vacations, if we want to give ourselves a massage… and much more, there are more and more possibilities. 

Social networks

I have good news and it is that you can make money with RRSS without being an Influencer. Some consist of exchanging traffic to earn money, get an audience, likes, followers and in others you earn money for performing certain actions. If you have thousands of followers, you can earn a lot of money for launching a single campaign. For example, a Twitter account with 300K followers can earn around $300 for one tweet. There are intermediary platforms that connect users with advertisers and make this form of advertising possible.

Can you live off the Internet?

The answer is a resounding yes, but be careful! Unless you are an Influencer or YouTuber who has suddenly become famous, I warn you that the road is not easy.

I know of many cases, too many in which people start a project with great enthusiasm and deflate over the months and even weeks, is it because someone has put it into their heads that they can become millionaires overnight?

The most important phrase, in this case, is that “the desire can with everything” and if they did not tell me, a girl who had no idea of ​​creating blogs, did not know the HTML language and SEO sounded like oriental food.

If you are clear about it and you also know that you like it, these are my tips so that you do not fall on the road:

 The principles are not easy. This phrase is applicable in all areas of life but if it were easy it would no longer be special because everyone would do it! Instead, they tell the owner of Zara who started out selling clothes in a small store or the creator of Amazon who started out selling books in a garage.

Every day, every week, every month, set achievable goals. If you’re just starting out, one of your first goals might be to “get a double-digit payment” or “start a free blog.” Do not expect to earn a lot of money in the first months, if you can, let me know and tell me the secret.

Sometimes due to ignorance, we waste time with pages that are not profitable or do not pay and we even invest in platforms that are not profitable. Ask, search and find out before jumping into it. Most of the pages that I show on the blog are free and the only thing you can lose is time, but my experience tells me that it is the most valuable thing we have.

You will find many cons along the way but the pros must outweigh. If not, rethink what you are doing wrong and if you really like what you are doing.

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