What are the best ChatGPT extensions?

ChatGPT extensions

Currently, artificial intelligence has become one of the most used tools for the automation and optimization of tasks. Because of this, programs like ChatGPT have been created.

ChatGPT is a bot designed under a dialogue approach with the aim of giving more direct and concise answers. In addition to this, he is capable of writing various types of texts as well as translations into various languages.

On the other hand, due to its versatility, it is a tool that has been used for different actions. As, for example, for Digital Marketing. ChatGPT is also capable of extending its functions through different extensions. Here we tell you what these extensions are and which are the best 20.

What are ChatGPT extensions?

As you may know, an extension is usually a type of add-on program that is used to add specific features to a certain program. In this case, ChatGPT extensions have the ability to extend the functions of this tool and improve its performance.

These extensions can have a wide variety of objectives. From extensions that work as virtual assistants and take care of small tasks. Even extensions designed for solving technical problems.

That is why we can say that they are a kind of extension of functions that can be integrated into ChatGPT. And that, in addition, they have the objective of adding new functionalities.

How are the ChatGPT extensions installed?

The installation of the ChatGPT extensions is not done automatically. This means that it is necessary to follow a series of steps to be able to add these extensions to ChatGPT. First, you must determine the type of extension you need and proceed to search for it.

For this, you can access the OpenAI extensions library and check in its marketplace. Secondly, it is important that when finding the extension you want, you make sure to read its terms and conditions. As well as its requirements and instructions for installation, configuration and use.

Some of these extensions will request access to the database or certain services to function properly. So you will have to carry out the respective configuration and provide the necessary information so that the extension can be added.

If the interaction with ChatGPT is through an application under development or through an API, the integration is different. Since it becomes necessary to follow certain instructions to integrate the extension directly into the code.

Top 20 ChatGPT Extensions

As you can imagine, ChatGPT extensions provide a lot of advantages. This is mainly due to the diversity of functions that they are capable of providing. If you are looking to get the most out of ChatGPT, here is a list of the best 20 extensions that you should know about.

  • Enhancer: It is an extension that focuses on knowing the answers obtained in the search engine results. It has other functions such as copy and paste responses, font size adjustment, and message highlighting, among others.
  • Grammarly: This extension works under a natural language processor that uses certain techniques to correct spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Youtube Transcript AI Summary: It is available in different browsers. And it is an extension that allows the transcription of content in YouTube video format. In addition, it is also capable of creating summaries of the content expressed in the video.
  • ChatGPT for Google: Along with other results from different search engines and ChatGPT, this extension shows the answers to the questions of the users. With this extension, it is also possible to start a conversation.
  • Sider:  It is an extension that aims to accompany you during your various web browsing. It has a sidebar of tools with which Sider intends to assist you as a kind of AI assistant.
  • ChatGPT Translator:  It is a very useful extension that is responsible for performing translations, even for having conversations with people who speak a different language.
  • Autocomplete Prompts: This extension is responsible for making suggestions of words, phrases and corrections to optimize the task of writing certain texts. It has potential writing anticipation and promises to speed up the writing process.
  • Kome: integrates an AI assistant that will accompany you while browsing the Internet in order to guide you and provide solutions to your unknowns.
  • Arcwise AI: If you need help with your spreadsheets, this extension is the one for you. It is responsible for adding an AI assistant with which you can create formulas, answer questions, summarize of the content of the sheets, among others.
  • Compose AI: This extension assists you while you are in the process of writing texts and helps you in writing composition through auto-completion of texts. Also, it has the function of writing emails and can even learn the way you write to answer emails for you.
  • History:  It is in charge of saving the conversations with the ChatGPT in a kind of history in order to save previous results and recover information.
  • Writer AI:  This extension has the ability to write different types of texts by means of a kind of instructions that may or may not be precise.
  • Remail:  With this extension, it is possible to reply to emails much faster. Since, it is in charge of providing response options for writing texts. Giving ideas about possible words to help optimize the task of writing emails.
  • Augment Chrome Extension:  This extension focuses on improving the chat experience through different functions such as the automation of your messages.
  • Voice Input: This allows interaction with ChatGPT through voice. Speeding up the task of asking the bot for something. Since it will be faster than having to write.
  • OpenAI Playground:  If you need an intermediary between servers and applications, OpenAI Playground is the extension for you. In addition to acting as an intermediary, it also takes care of allowing the use of ChatGPT for custom queries.
  • EasyCode:  This extension is based on an AI assistant that is responsible for scanning and analyzing your code to provide different recommendations.
  • Merlin:  It is an extension that allows ChatGPT access to different browsers to obtain summaries of the content found on the web. In addition, it allows the writing of emails more easily. As well as writing HTML codes.
  • TweetGPT:  It is responsible for integrating with Twitter to offer different functions that facilitate the use of this social network. Such as, for example, the creation of tweets, responses to posts, and comments, among others.
  • ShareGPT: This extension is responsible for facilitating the task of sharing the conversations that can be had with ChatGPT. In this way, it has the function of creating a kind of public backup within the platform so that users who need said information can access it more quickly. And those who want to share it will have the option to do so while maintaining the original format.

Is it advantageous to use ChatGPT extensions?

The use of ChatGPT extensions is not only advantageous but it is really beneficial for those who learn to use these tools productively. If it is still not clear to you why using ChatGPT extensions is advantageous, here is a shortlist.

  • Expand and improve features
  • Add special and specific features
  • They adapt to user needs
  • Optimization of different tasks
  • They offer functions such as translations, summaries and information search
  • Technical support, among others.

Disadvantages of using ChatGPT extensions

ChatGPT extensions offer a valuable tool for text generation, language translation, creative content creation, and informative answers to questions. However, it is also crucial to consider certain disadvantages when using these extensions:

  1. Potential inaccuracy: Even though ChatGPT extensions are based on large data sets, they can still make mistakes. It is recommended to verify the accuracy of any generated text before use.
  2. Bias potential: ChatGPT extensions reflect biases present in the training data. This implies that the generated text may be biased or discriminatory due to existing biases in the original data.
  3. Hacking Vulnerability: As software programs, ChatGPT extensions are susceptible to hacking. If a ChatGPT extension is hacked, hackers could generate harmful or malicious text.

It is essential to recognize these potential drawbacks when using a ChatGPT extension. If you choose to use one, it is advisable to do so with caution and verify the accuracy of any generated text.

In conclusion, using the ChatGPT extensions is advantageous due to its ability to solve problems more directly. As well as offering much more complete and coherent interactions under a natural and humanized language.