Why is the number of inactive Bitcoins at an all-time high?


The amount of bitcoins that have not been moved in the last 10 years has reached an all-time high. This means that the owners of these coins have decided not to sell them, which is good news for the market.

The landscape of crypto markets is changing drastically. The number of bitcoins that have been sitting still for the past 10 years hit a new all-time high, surpassing the volume of BTC found on cryptocurrency exchanges. This opens the door to a wave of uncertainty and concern among investors, who are seeing how the value of this digital currency undergoes an unprecedented transformation.

Furthermore, according to data from the analytical resource Glassnode, the volume of BTC placed on crypto exchanges has exceeded the number of coins that have not moved in the last 10 years. This trend indicates renewed confidence in the cryptocurrency market and widespread investor optimism.

This is good news for investors who are interested in the cryptocurrency market. The data shows that investors are willing to keep their bitcoins in their portfolios, which means that they are willing to see long-term returns on their investments. This is a sign that the cryptocurrency market continues to grow and is becoming more stable over time.

We expect this trend to continue, which will mean that the cryptocurrency market will continue to grow and remain an attractive option for investors who want to earn a good return on their investments.