NFTs are already part of the campaigns to enter the United States Congress

Congress United States NFTs

Some candidates made donations in cryptocurrency available in order to finance their campaigns before the new Congressional elections.

Some congressional candidates from the United States are trying to raise cryptocurrencies to finance their campaigns before the new congressional elections that will be on November 8.

According to Bloomberg, these are Democrat Shrina Kurani and Republican Blake Masters. In the case of the first one with an NFT airdrop through a web portal, it managed to raise just over $6,600.

For his part, Masters made $570 thousand in the sale of the book “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal along with Elon Musk, in NFT format.

Cynthia Lummis, current Republican senator for the state of Wyoming, also said she accepts Bitcoin as part of her campaign donations.

The regulations for its use are in a gray area, according to CryptoNews, “in 2014, an advisory opinion called for donations in bitcoin to be limited to payments of no more than $100, as is the case with cash donations. This is the case. under the allegation of how difficult it is to trace the origin of funds through bitcoin.”

Despite the request, when donations in Bitcoin were regulated, they were made under the same statutes as other previously accepted forms of payment, invalidating the requirement of the limit of US $100. “Due to this, the use of NFT falls within this framework of regulations, in the absence of clearer laws that define the use of NFT within electoral campaigns,” the same outlet closed.