El Salvador already has its new Bitcoin card powered by the Lightning Network

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El Salvador continues to bet on the creation of a Bitcoin-based ecosystem to significantly improve the exchange of value within the country and offer new, more efficient payment methods for Salvadorans.

Today we will be talking about a new card powered by the Lightning Network that will be supported by a payment processor called “CoinCorner” that arrives in El Salvador with the aim of providing a simpler BTC retail experience.

“Bolt Card” will be the new Bitcoin card for Salvadorans.

El Salvador, being the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, has decided to invest in the creation of a payment structure that will allow Bitcoin holders to be able to spend their holdings in all kinds of establishments using a physical cryptocurrency card. under the “tap-to-pay” functionality that allows the execution of transactions by placing a said card on top of a reader created by the provider CoinCorner.

This company has also partnered with IBEX, a Lightning infrastructure services company, to add payment support to all businesses in the country and thus allow users to use the so-called “Bolt Card” to make daily purchases in large quantities. establishments throughout the Salvadoran territory.

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After a historic event in September 2021 when President Nayib Bukele established Bitcoin as legal tender, El Salvador continues to grow in crypto and there are currently just over 5 million users using government-backed wallets, showing high commerce and usability figures in different areas, from commerce to sending remittances.