Michael Saylor: “SBF is the crypto Wolf of Wall Street”

Michael Saylor Bitcoin

The SBF story could inspire directors to produce a movie called “King of Crypto,” Saylor said.

MicroStrategy CEO and prominent bitcoin bull Michael Saylor compared FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried to the famous Jordan Belfort, also known as “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

In his opinion, SBF “used stolen money” and cooperated with corrupt regulators to maintain its business.

make a movie about him

Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor believes that Bankman-Fried lobbied against “every virtue in the industry,” including bitcoin, using fake finance and bribing certain people.

The MicroStrategy co-founder went further, describing the FTX CEO as “the wolf of Wall Street” of the cryptocurrency industry. Hollywood should focus on him and produce a movie called “King of Cryptocurrency,” Saylor added:

“I think this [cryptocurrency] crash accelerates regulatory intervention. In fact, in a sense, SBF is like the Jordan Belfort of the cryptocurrency era. Instead of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ they will make a movie called ‘The King of Cryptocurrencies.’”

Jordan Belfort, aka “The Wolf of Wall Street,” is a former trader who pleaded guilty to crimes related to stock market manipulation at the turn of the last century. His crimes led to a two-year prison sentence, and after his release, he began to travel the world working as a motivational speaker.

Belfort received additional popularity in 2013 when Leonardo DiCaprio starred as the “Wolf of Wall Street” in the Martin Scorsese-directed film of the same name.

The cryptocurrency community is yet to see how the situation around Sam Bankman-Fried evolves.

SBF in the spotlight

The crash of the US cryptocurrency exchange FTX created a mountain of negativity toward its former CEO.

The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, was one of the critics, saying he didn’t come away with a good opinion of SBF after they discussed the Twitter deal a few weeks ago:

“I have a lot of people saying they have big money that they want to invest in the Twitter deal, and I talked to him for a half hour, and I know my shit meter was in the red. I was like, this guy is crap – that was my impression.”

Kraken’s former CEO, Jesse Powell, also criticized Bankman-Fried, saying the bank signed multimillion-dollar sports deals just to feed his ego. SBF also bought political favors and donated significant funds to the Democratic Party in order to appear as a “media darling,” Powell added.