When will the price of Bitcoin (BTC) rise again according to veteran analyst

Peter Brandt

Analyst Peter Brandt, who is closely watching the price of bitcoin, made a prediction that only in two years, that is, in 2024, a new high in the digital currency should occur. Cryptocurrency market recovery.

The analyst is known for trading in the futures market since 1975, and in recent years he has also followed cryptocurrencies. It is common for Peter to analyze Bitcoin and Ethereum, providing investors with information on the current state of the market.

However, in recent months he has drawn a pessimistic forecast for the sector, indicating that the price of bitcoin could fall to $27,000, which has indeed happened in recent days. Now, she is already planning the next steps after getting her analysis right, even indicating a possible bottom in the price of the digital currency.

“Bitcoin’s new all-time high is forecast two years from now,” says Peter

Last Sunday (12), at a time when Bitcoin began to register a serious downward movement in price, veteran Peter Brandt shared that he is aware of the movement in the coming days.

According to him, if the price of the digital currency does not close above what was seen on May 31, the market should suffer a lot in the coming months. On the date mentioned by Peter, the price of bitcoin closed at US$31,792 and today each BTC is worth US$20,664.

Watching the analyst’s speech, Bitcoin maximalist Tuur Demeester said that the market is likely to suffer a bit in the coming months, but the technology will survive as it has for the last 13 years.

In response, Peter Brandt made his prediction that Bitcoin’s next all-time high won’t come for another two years, in early 2024, when the market will experience a frantic new high,

Bitcoin price will not fall below $19,000

In response to requests from the bitcoin community in recent days, Brandt has made comments about what he believes is the “bottom line” in the current digital currency market move.

According to him, the fall is brutal, but it should not break below $19,000, a value that would already be the low limit according to the veteran trader.