Metaplex drives innovation in NFTs on the Solana network

Solana Attack


  • Metaplex Token Rise: The Metaplex token (MPLX) rises almost 30% in a week, standing out in a generally dormant crypto market.
  • Activity Growth on Metaplex: The platform recorded transactions from 834,000 unique wallets in May, showing a significant increase in user interaction.
  • Active Development on GitHub: Metaplex is positioned as the third most active NFT-related protocol on GitHub, according to Santiment analysis that highlights its continuous innovation.

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The native token of Metaplex, a Solana-based non-fungible token (NFT) platform, has seen an impressive surge of nearly 30% this week, standing out in a generally stagnant crypto market.

Impressive Metaplex Chain Activity

Metaplex has garnered significant attention due to its growing on-chain activity. According to updates shared on social media platforms.

Additionally, the platform noted that 3.1 million new wallets collected digital assets created through Metaplex last month, indicating robust commitment to the platform.

Recognition of Development Activity

Metaplex’s vibrant development landscape is also generating interest. Crypto analytics platform Santiment recently ranked Metaplex third among all NFT-related protocols based on the number of notable GitHub events in the last 30 days. With 23.07 significant GitHub events, Metaplex ranked behind Flow (FLOW), a layer 1 permissioned blockchain, and Decentraland (MANA), an Ethereum-based virtual reality platform. Santiment emphasizes that it focuses on counting only substantial updates, employing a refined methodology for tracking GitHub events, which is backed by a retrospectively tested process.

Impact on Token Performance

Increased development activity and growing user engagement have likely contributed to MPLX’s notable price gains this week. As the platform continues to expand its functionalities and user base, Metaplex is solidifying its position within the competitive NFT market. This performance is particularly notable as it contrasts with broader market trends, where many crypto assets are currently experiencing a downturn.