With its direct opponent hurt, Trezor lowers the prices of its hardware bitcoin wallets

Trezor Ledger
Key facts:
  • The models affected by the discount are the Trezor Model 1 and Model T.
  • Said discount causes a reduction of up to USD 33 in one of the models.

Until Sunday, May 21, Trezor cold wallets can be purchased at a 15% discount. This cost reduction applies specifically to the Trezor Model 1, Trezor Model T and Shamir HODL Pack products.

We think it’s always a good time to emphasize the importance of verifiable open source security. To help you share this message, we are happy to inform you that the Trezor Model One, Trezor Model T, and the Shamir HODL Pack are now 15% off. Trezor offer announcement. E-mail. 

See the top promotional tape of 15% discounts. Source: Trezor 

With such a discount, the cost of the Trezor Model T and Model One is reduced to USD 186 and USD 58, respectively, which is a total decrease of USD 33 and USD 11.

As for the Shamir HODL pack, it is, according to Trezor, “a convenient and reliable way to securely distribute your recovery seeds to protect against the threat of device loss, theft, and damage.” This pack is made up of “virtually indestructible” steel capsules, ideal, according to Trezor, for storing seed or recovery phrases.  

The HODL pack costs USD 605; with the discount, that figure drops to USD 514, which is a difference of almost USD 91. Despite the discount, this product is currently out of stock on the official Trezor marketplace.  

Bitcoin cold wallets are in the news

This discount on Trezor wallets coincides with the wave of criticism received by its direct competitor, Ledger.  

According to the Market Times, Ledger was severely besieged by the public which defends the decentralization of finance after the company announced ‘Ledger Recover’

‘Ledger Recover’ is a new feature that allows users to recover seed phrases from the cloud if the device is lost or stolen. For critics, this new function would attempt against the decentralization of cryptocurrency storage and would act contrary to the philosophical principles founded by Bitcoin for the ecosystem.  

The public’s fear seems to be exacerbated by an additional fact: Ledger has been the victim of user data leaks in the past.