Raoul Pal predicts cryptocurrency boom with Solana at the helm


  • Global Liquidity Cycle and Cryptocurrencies: Raoul Pal predicts that the global liquidity cycle will significantly boost cryptocurrency prices.
  • Strategic Investments in Solana (SOL): Pal is almost fully invested in Solana, highlighting its growth potential versus Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Monetary Policy Decisions and Price Rising: The monetary policy decisions of the US Federal Reserve are crucial for increasing liquidity and rising prices in the crypto market.

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Raoul Pal, former Goldman Sachs executive and current CEO of Real Vision, has shared his views on the future of cryptocurrencies, noting that the global liquidity cycle will be a key factor in rising prices. In a recent YouTube video, Pal spoke to his 703,000 subscribers about the macroeconomic sources of liquidity that are present today, including upcoming monetary policy decisions from the US Federal Reserve.

Liquidity Cycles in the Crypto Market

Pal explains that global liquidity tends to increase during “crypto macro summers.” This phenomenon has been observed in previous years such as 2020, 2016 and 2012, where there were periods of high liquidity that led to a significant increase in the prices of cryptocurrencies and technology. According to Pal, the fall months are typically when the most dramatic increases in liquidity are experienced, followed by corrections and bearish cycles in winter.

Pal Forecast for the Future of Cryptocurrencies

The former Goldman Sachs executive says we are about to experience the two best parts of the liquidity cycle. This means that, according to his analysis, there will be a continuous increase in liquidity that will further drive cryptocurrency prices before peaking and undergoing corrections.

Raoul Pal’s Current Investments

Pal reveals that he currently has almost 100% of his investments in Solana (SOL), along with some memecoins and other small investments. According to him, the cross charts of Solana/Bitcoin and Solana/ETH are extremely promising, which has led him to make a strategic decision. Pal mentions that his goal is to maximize profits by investing in the asset that, according to his analysis, has the greatest growth potential.

Raoul Pal’s views underline the importance of global liquidity in cryptocurrency price dynamics. With an optimistic view of the coming months, Pal is betting heavily on Solana, anticipating that this asset will offer the highest returns in the crypto market. His focus on maximizing profits by investing in the most promising opportunities reflects his experience and strategic perspective in the financial sector.