Gamers Can Now Earn Bitcoin While Playing Minecraft

Minecraft Bitcoin
  • The worlds of Minecraft and Bitcoin come together thanks to a new partnership
  • Satlantis server and Zebedee teamed up to bring BTC rewards to Minecraft
  • The rewards pool is filled with more than 150,000 satoshis every day

Bitcoin (BTC) has arrived in the colorful blocky world of Minecraft.

Fans of one of the most popular and successful video games of all time will now be able to earn bitcoins as they play thanks to a partnership between Satlantis, a Bitcoin-themed Minecraft server operated by community members, and Zebedee, a  Bitcoin payments and fintech startup.

We are excited to announce that we are bringing Bitcoin to Minecraft!” the Zebedee team wrote in a blog post announcing the development. According to the company, which has brought BTC rewards to a wide range of games, the recent move is in response to growing demand from gamers for the flagship cryptocurrency in Minecraft.

The integration, which is unofficial and thus not supported by Minecraft developer Mojang Studios, allows players to earn real Bitcoin rewards for completing quests. These can be used in-game to claim land, buy resources or equipment, and trade or trade with other players on the server. 

BTC rewards can also be withdrawn to Zebedee‘s app, where users can spend the bitcoins on the company’s gaming network or move them to Lightning Network- compatible exchanges.

The Satlantis server puts a twist on the celebrated video game by adding elements inspired by cryptocurrency mining, so the emergence of concepts like ASIC, hash rate, the block reward and the mining pool will be familiar to those familiar with crypto mining practices. It works with the Java edition of Minecraft on computers. 

The gains may be modest but they are still Bitcoin. According to Zebedeethe reward pool is filled with more than 150,000 satoshis (about $45 USD) every day, of which 1% is given out every 10 minutes to players. A satoshi is the smallest unit of measure for a Bitcoin; each BTC contains 100 million satoshis.

Minecraft and other popular games marry Bitcoin 

This is not the first time that the worlds of Bitcoin and Minecraft have intertwined. In 2020, a fan of the video game developed a server called SatoshiQuest based on a Bitcoin treasure hunt. Although that development was also unofficial and Mojang Studios has been skeptical of incorporating digital assets like NFTs into the game. 

The announcement adds to Zebedee‘s broader efforts to bring the top cryptocurrency to a broad roster of games. The company previously launched servers for earning Bitcoin in another highly popular video game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and has also integrated BTC rewards with Sudoku, Solitaire, Chess, and other classic games.

Zebedee also has an alternate version of Candy Crush that is cryptocurrency-themed instead of candy that allows users to earn Bitcoin while killing time