The Tinder Swindler Admits to Being a Bitcoin OG

Tinder Swindler Admits to Being a Bitcoin OG

Leviev revealed in an interview that he made money after obtaining Bitcoin in 2011 and that he did not have to scam anyone.

Simon Leviev gained notoriety after the release of the Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler. According to the media, he got rich by exploiting the women he met on the internet, but in a recent interview, he revealed that he got rich by investing in Bitcoin.

Contrary to popular opinion, Simon Leviev – whose real name is Shimon Hayut – is an entrepreneur who invested in Bitcoin more than ten years ago and became rich just by keeping the money.

Bitcoin is not something new

Simon Leviev has refused to talk about his life since the premiere of the documentary The Tinder Scammer. In the first interview, he insisted that the women who accused him of fraud were lying and that he should be fired from him.

According to the investigation, Leviev denied being the son of a well-known diamond billionaire and introducing himself that way to his Tinder dates. Despite accusations that he had built a fortune of some $10 million from his dirty deeds, Leviev maintained that it was all due to Bitcoin:

Author: “I am a true businessman.” I bought bitcoin in 2011 when it was worthless; You know how much it’s worth right now.”

Bitcoin peaked in 2011, at over $30, and dropped to about $1 that same year. If Leviev is telling the truth, right now we would be talking about an investment with a return between 118,233 and 3,549,900 percent. A maximum of $282 would have been needed to carry out the alleged $10 million fraud.

What is the real name of Simon Leviev?

According to the documentary The Tinder Swindler, Leviev used the dating app to meet and date women who were mostly middle-aged, financially independent and easily fooled.

He would meet in luxurious places, pretending to be the son of a diamond tycoon. He often bragged about his father’s financial achievements.

In the end, he called his business associates, who, believing they were harassing and intimidating him, would not allow him to use their credit cards for both business and personal transactions. In the end, Leviev’s business partners financed him and he disappeared.

For the documentary, three women who were deceived with the same method were interviewed.

The Tinder Swindler rejected everything and did not try to explain to those responsible for Netflix. The women have already raised more than $250,000 from community members, but Leviev wants to clear her name.

I do not intend to scam or deceive anyone “People can’t judge me because they don’t know who I am. “I am the most imposing knight in the world.”