Telegram now allows you to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin

Telegram Bitcoin

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Telegram, the messaging platform, has updated the features of the wallet’s web interface and this one is all about Bitcoin. The new update allows users to buy, withdraw, trade and make P2P transactions using Bitcoin (BTC). Telegram has recently been working to expand its presence in the cryptocurrency sector.

According to the report, the updated feature will allow users to perform multiple functions with Bitcoin through the Telegram web interface. The Telegram update expands on the popular cryptocurrency-related services that are now available within the chat program. This means that anyone can transact or exchange BTC using the Telegram web interface.

Telegram now supports Bitcoin

Telegram also updated the exchange sector with a feature that allows users to instantly exchange Bitcoin, USDT, and Telegram Open Network (TON) with each other at favorable rates.

Telegram’s recent move to introduce P2P Bitcoin trading and expand the reach of cryptocurrencies is a significant advance in the company’s efforts to become a key player in the developing world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Additionally, it will be interesting to see how Telegram and other third-party industries continue to develop and adapt to the demands and expectations of users around the world as the popularity and use of cryptocurrencies continue to expand.

The Bitcoin trading price has witnessed a massive drop in the past few days. The price has dropped from $30k to $27. At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s trading price is around $27,284, down 3.58%, according to CoinMarketCap.