What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in December?

Cryptocurrencies invest December

Although at this time, the crypto world is in the correction phase, there are several options to invest in December that promise good returns.

2021 was the year of cryptocurrenciesAs a store of value in the face of inflation, the crypto market experienced a strong boost and was also able to consolidate through two new instruments: the NFT and the DeFi. In this framework, the cryptocurrency market promises to reach a higher market capitalization in 2022 and Bitcoin maintains its prospects of reaching $100,000 in the medium term. Although at this moment, the crypto world is in the correction phase, there are several options to invest in December that promise good returns.


It is the first on the list and the one that will always be one of the best investment options. After a week of strong volatility, many see the price of the cryptocurrency leader as an option to take advantage of. Analysts say that its price is below what it should be and that it is very likely that December will be the month that it can achieve a rebound that gives it the best prospects to start 2022.


Ethereum is trading at $4100 and analysts point out that the last time ETH had a similar drop, then it had a significant rally in its price. With this forecast in mind, the second-largest market capitalization cryptocurrency is the second choice to invest in.


As for “altcoins”, Solana, which fell by 12% in the last week, is presented as the best option to invest since it seeks to establish a new network of smart contracts that competes with Ethereum.


Cardano is going through a similar situation as SOL and at the same time, it also seeks to compete with Ethereum but with the difference of having a higher market capitalization. Although analysts do not see it as possible in the medium term, they do consider that with the magnitude of the falls, it is a good time to invest until waiting for the rise.


The Polkadot cryptocurrency (DOT), which is part of a project launched by a Swiss start-up that seeks to “decentralize the internet,” is another one that saw sharp drops in value in recent days. But following the trend that it had in the last three months, we could be facing a possible rise in the medium term.


What is striking about Avalanche (AVAX) is the fact that in just a few days it managed to gain a significant market capitalization. And if the trends continue, then the amount of silver you have invested will increase even more. If you add to that a good issuance of AVAX tokens, then it can be a great investment option for December.

Shiba Inu and Dogecoin

These two cryptocurrencies are the most difficult to invest if you are still not very clear about how they work. The price is quite unpredictable and is subject more than anything to the mood that is lived in social networks. Shiba Inu (SHIBA) is crypto whose only use is to serve as a “meme”, so its value varies based on its popularity in networks. Investing in it is a gamble, but taking its current valuation – which is reaching its lowest point in the last 2 months – then it seems that a hot streak could bring big returns.

In the case of Dogecoin, which is also at its lowest value in months, it can become an investment opportunity with the support of Elon Musk that can boost its price.