Solana co-founder compares its potential with Apple in the world of cryptocurrencies

Solana Cryptocurrency


  • Raj Gokal sees the platform as the next Apple of cryptocurrencies
  • Solana co-founder relies on Apple-like user experience and performance.
  • Solana is focused on expansion and easy access to cryptocurrencies with his blockchain-based smartphone.

Raj Gokal, co-founder of Solana (SOL), is bullish on the long-term potential of layer 1 competitor Ethereum (ETH).

Gokal told TechCrunch+ that Solana has the potential to overtake Apple as a leader in the cryptocurrency field.

“Solana has the potential to be the Apple of cryptocurrencies. I think of Apple, having worked for almost a decade on the latency of touch screens to allow the iPhone to come out and feel like magic.”

He also added: 

“There was a lot to build on that platform to get iPhone, the App Store and the app ecosystem to where it is today. But it all started with a relentless focus on a simple interaction that had to work perfectly.”

Gokal added that Solana’s technical team and ecosystem are giving user experience and performance a similar priority to Apple, in order to make sure the network “feels like the normal Internet when it’s a normal Internet. “completely new financial.”

According to the Solana co-founder, the future goal of the layer 1 blockchain will be expansion:

“The central thesis is going to be [focused on] new companies, new projects, independent developers. We remain in an ecosystem and community that is optimistic about what two developers can do in a garage.”

Gokal clarified that the blockchain-based Solana smartphone, which was unveiled last month, would help more people access cryptocurrency and related goods and services without the need for a computer.