The GREAT CRASH of the Russian Stock Exchange! China will take advantage of the bargain

Russian Stock Exchange

During the massive fall in the Russian stock market, including Gazprom shares, we must at all costs avoid making profits, because we will not make them. What we must do is stop investing there once and for all. Greed is good, but you can’t invest in companies, which are among the most important tools of the Kremlin’s oppressive policies.

On Friday, in the first session just after Thursday’s stock market crash, people interested in buying highly overvalued Gazprom shares were not exactly asking whether Gazprom was worth investing in, but purely technically, they wanted to know where they could buy these shares. It should be remembered that during the session on Thursday, Gazprom’s prices, expressed in dollars, practically collapsed and reached the lowest level since 2016, where a historical low is recorded. We don’t know if Gazprom will ever be attractive to investors again; we will see it in the future, but whether or not it is, we should not invest in them. We should not invest in the shares of this company, nor in any company supported by the Kremlin that is a tool to implement Moscow’s aggressive policy.

There is no denying that money is money, but a balance must be struck between social responsibility and profit potential. I see nothing wrong with buying shares in companies that mine coal, weapons, tobacco, and even those owned by Russians or Belarusians. Money is money, if it’s not us, someone else will win it. However, this logic has limits and these limits have been reached by companies like Gazprom. We really should not be interested at the moment in the financial situation of Gazprom and whether or not the company’s shares are an investment opportunity today.

We are talking about a company completely subservient to the Kremlin, which has been implementing and financing its policy for years. Suffice it to recall that during the rise in gas prices in Europe this winter, against the interests of its shareholders, Gazprom, instead of increasing the production and export of blue fuel and earning a lot from it, limited it. We are talking about a company that is one of the main players in financing the current war in Ukraine, directly or indirectly, because it is gas exports that provide Moscow higher profits, higher than oil exports. In general, we can openly say that one should not invest in any Kremlin-related company that finances and implements Moscow’s policy.