Cathie Wood sold a large amount of Tesla stock

Cathie Wood Tesla


  • Cathie Wood dumped 393,000 shares of the electric car maker, for a sum close to $100 million.
  • Ark Invest board took profit, after Tesla rose for 12 straight days. These moves are common in Wood.
  • In any case, Elon Musk’s company continues to be the largest share of the investor’s flagship fund.

Cathie Wood sold 393,000 Tesla shares worth approximately $98.2 million, based on Monday’s closing price of $249.83.

This movement occurs after the shares of the electric vehicle manufacturer rose for 12 consecutive days and already accumulated an increase of more than 110% in 2023.

These moves are common at Cathie Wood who tends to take profits after big increases in her holdings. Regardless, and despite the sales, Tesla remains Ark Invest’s largest stake, with 11.8%.

Cathie Wood sold but also bought

While Wood sold a slew of shares in Elon Musk’s company on Monday, the investor has been buying throughout 2023. For example, on April 26, she spent $29 million on TSLA papers.

In January and March he also made strong purchases when the price plunged. When Tesla shares fell 12% in a single day, Wood bought $19 million worth of shares in his favorite company.

One of the statements by the director of Ark Invest that had the most impact on the markets was when she anticipated that the Tesla share would shoot up to USD 2,000 by 2027.